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ONEN 07-10-02 12:21 PM

New wonder-locks...
I was reading the bike-theft thread, and it made me think- Are super-chains, or Uber-Tough metals really worth it in terms of security? My MTB (stolen 3 years ago, now :mad: ) was inside a locked garage, and held down with a U-Lock and a chain, and it still wasnt enough.

Could it be that some thieves just cant be beaten, if given enough time? In which case, wheres the value in a hard lock over a less tough one? Would money not be better spent on insurance, data tags, and chain/Ulock thats only tough enough to be a swine to remove?

Hunter 07-10-02 12:25 PM

If someone wants it bad enough, yeah they will get it regardless of what you do. Still locks keep most people honest. Some get more sastisfaction out of New York Locks or Street Cuffs, some make do with a dog chain and a padlock. It is a matter of choice like the bike you ride.

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