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Teamprovicycle 07-14-18 11:59 PM

Grade my balls
Yo , i want to get some wheel hub bearings to upgrade my wheels . the wheels are putting in more miles and the factory bearings have got play in them. No way to thighten it out. So im shopping around , but became confused . i see grade 10 balls are lower that 3 and 5 . 5 seems to be the best but is a little bit more money than i want to put into non racing wheels . 3 seems to be the option i will choose . just wondering how they rank balls roundness and why thanks byeye ????

fietsbob 07-15-18 12:14 AM


JohnDThompson 07-15-18 07:46 AM

Grade 25 is what you want. Best bang for the buck. You can spend slightly less on lower quality balls, but not that much. Higher quality balls won't make any difference unless the races are polished to the same precision and accuracy as the balls.

bikejrff 07-15-18 04:30 PM

Kudos for the thread title.

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