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RustyGates 07-21-18 04:45 PM

Wider tires (25vs 28) for Alex at400 on '06 Specialized Roubaix
When I replace the tire(s) on my Specialized Roubaix I'd like to get something wider than the current 23s. How should I measure to see if 28s will fit instead of 25s? Currently everything is original , Alex at400 rims, base model '06 Roubaix I believe (just bought used.)

avole 07-22-18 12:10 AM

I would use a tape measure.

sail 07-22-18 07:00 AM

Originally Posted by avole (Post 20462008)
I would use a tape measure.

Clever. Here is some information that might be useful with the tape measure. Tire Sizing Systems

pdoege 07-22-18 07:15 AM

I use 28s on my 08. 32s will not clear the front fork and caliper

RustyGates 07-22-18 11:36 PM

Thanks pdoege, sail I'll check the Sheldon Brown website. I've probably been there a hundred times but have trouble following through enough to learn much.
My first post, newb question with no photos and no apparent effort made before asking for help. I had to start somewhere. A tape measurer it is.

Doctor Morbius 07-23-18 01:25 AM

I've run 700x32 tires on a set Alex AL400 rims without any problems. I don't know what tire width the bike can handle though.

RustyGates 07-23-18 02:01 AM

Huh, I have another wheel with a 32 mounted. I might as well see if it fits.
edit: it looks like the brake calipers won't be a problem at all, plenty of space

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