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kenshireen 07-21-18 07:29 PM

Need recommendation for Tires
I have been riding GP 4000 ll 25mm.
I need new tires and am looking for the least RR with good puncture protection.
Also should I go with 23mm rather than 25,

I am a recreational rider who does 30-60 mile trips.
Mostly on good surfaces.

thank you

jamesdak 07-21-18 08:20 PM

Stick with what ya got!

Teamprovicycle 07-22-18 12:07 AM

All i use is gp4ks2 best tire i have ever used, i run them all year round 25mm mostly , the only thing i could suggest is go tubeless , then you get both .

You could try continental attack and force . its a 23mm front 25 mm rear set of tires . i dont think they will be better on punctures . but its like a tt tire.

Also 23 can be 25 mm depending on the rim 25mm can be around 28 . just make sure you measure your tire . then you will know for sure !!!

csport 07-22-18 05:32 PM

Bicyclerollingresistance has rolling resistance and puncture resistance tests of many tires:

bruce19 07-22-18 05:38 PM

There are a lot of good tires available.I've been happy with Vittoria tires. But, I'd have a any quality tire really.

Flip Flop Rider 07-22-18 05:44 PM

everyone raves about the tires you are riding. Reading all tire threads the Conti GP4K 2's are the most popular imo

if flats are your main priority, Conti Gator Hardshells. I ride them and they are basically, install and forget them other than air

puzzled 07-23-18 07:46 AM

Wierd that someone would want to switch from GPs, but if you need more puncture protection try Conti's gatorskin

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