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canali 06-20-05 04:03 PM

New, cool (Dutch) bike shop opening in Vancouver BC (

The owner says that they're spec'd esp for this shop, too.

'Tis SO nice to see in this mountain bike dominated
(but stunningly lovely) city of Vancouver BC embrace a few
more unique bike styles.

Hey, this (Dutch?) line does offer the more upright position
Grant has sold us all on, and they certainly are endearingly retro, too, so
let's hope this is but part of a trend to reacquaint more people with
''the most benevolent of machines'' again.

"Get some pleasure between your legs!
Hop on a bicycle!"

All June is bicycle month in Vancouver BC
(Host City, 2010 Winter Olympics).

Joe Collins
Vancouver BC

king koeller 06-21-05 09:49 AM

In the old days these bike were called English Roadsters. Here in Japan they are now called shopping bikes or "mama chariots"
The upright position is great for people not fully used to mountain or road bike postures,however the down side is that these bikes are very heavy tanks.
Kind of like the old Schwinn Continentals 5 speeds. Or the 70's Sears three speeds all of which used 26inch wheels with the thinner 1 and 3/8 tire size and internal sturmy-Archer hub, complete with oil port. I do like the rod brakes, first seen 60 years ago on the old Raleigh English racers which were really english roadsters.Full enclosed chain guards,full fenders , racks, lug frames, and you can't forget the best part...
Brooks leather B-64 leather saddle with springs!
Definately a classy machine.The up side, is they are almost maintenace free. In china, Hong Kong, Toyko,and India, these are riden to death,with no failures, other than a flat tire every now and then. Practical, (i was going to say affordable, but maybe not so much any more.) but expensive, compared to a hardtail, for what you get.
But remember, these are bikes designed for non-bike people. Bikes to be abused, left in the rain for years and a day. To be riden with the seat way too low and the tires almost flat but still riden none the less for wear and tear. In the world of high-end designer road bicycles, with full Campy, and Reynolds 853 tubing,
It's refreshing to see bikes for the mass's, with that cool retro spin .
Time travel back 60 years to a much simpler time!!

Good Luck!

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