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KevinmH9 06-20-05 06:38 PM

First Century!
The title says it all. About one year after getting my bike I have completed my first century ride. I managed to just bike around some of the local towns for a total of 106 miles :D . Tired and sore but it was worth it, and a good workout. I am not sure of my exact time, but I know it was horrible. Oh well, I can improve on it.

Portis 06-20-05 08:57 PM

Congratulations. I did my first a few weeks back. It is a great sense of accomplishment.

CPcyclist 06-20-05 09:25 PM

Did my first century this past weekend my total time out was bad ~10-11hrs but my ride time was 8:40:39 for 128miles of the worst area hills. the last climb of the day was 860ft orver I think 5K (3.1mi). This hill sucked as it kicks in the last 1/4 mile.

Don't know your total time could have be worst.

STEEKER 06-20-05 09:31 PM

YAY good for you :beer: .. feels good eh ,, now try for a double Century :rolleyes:

Alucard 06-21-05 07:20 PM

Congratulations! I hope to do my first century in two weeks.
What kind of training did you do to lead up to yours?

HWS 06-21-05 07:37 PM

Great job!

I am aiming for my first century in the next month or so and would also like to hear what you did to prepare for it.

va_cyclist 06-22-05 06:10 AM

Congratulations. I'm working toward my first this season also.

Trekke 06-22-05 06:16 AM

Congrats. It only gets better.

mellonhead 06-22-05 07:41 AM

It's a great acheivement. Something all serious cyclists feel they have to do.

I'm doing my second soon. I cycle on weekend with my neighbours. Our century 'training' is to ride 50km (30 mile) every Sunday morning. If you can do 50km easily (if you can still do all your chores the rest of the day), then try 100-120km about a couple weeks before you plan the century. This longer ride will determine not only if you have the stamina for a century, but also if your butt can stand the miles. Its a good time to fine tune your saddle position, or buy new shorts.

As a final prep, don't do a long ride within a week before your ride. Get lots of sleep every night in the week before your ride.

Dewbert 06-22-05 08:25 AM

Just did my first a couple of weeks ago. I understand your excitement. It's a good feeling, isn't it?

KevinmH9 06-22-05 01:25 PM

It did feel really good. I trained mostly by biking farther and farther each time I biked until I became comfortable with that distance and I was able to increase it.

Since coming back from college I finally got back into biking. With my first ride back I managed to bike 50 miles. On my next ride I was able to do 65, then on another ride I did 80 miles. At the 80 mile mark I felt myself really tired after the ride, so I biked a few more times reaching the 80 mile mark or somewhere close to it where I was comfortable and finally reached 106.

Guest 06-22-05 03:57 PM

Cool. It's good you want ot attempt it again! Keep up the good work, man.


Al1943 06-23-05 05:54 PM

Try this one, just for fun: http:\\

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