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Spoonrobot 09-10-18 10:54 AM

Have your Giro shoes fallen apart right after the warranty period expires?
Anyone else have their Giro shoes fall apart right outside the warranty period?

I've got a pair of $150 Privateers that are only 14 months old and have the sole separating from the upper, called the company and was told there wasn't anything they were interested in doing as it was outside their warranty period. Prior to this I had a pair of Sidis that were perfectly fine after 4 years of use, when I stripped a threaded insert changing the cleats before I retired them I called the company and then sent me replacements free of charge.

So now I'm wondering if my expectations are too high, are we all expected to replace expensive shoes every year or so? Looking online it seems like this issue was a major deal for Giro a few years ago with their Terraduro models and continues to be something they struggle with based on blog and forum posts I've seen. Wish I would have know this before. Recommendations for MTB shoes that will last?

wgscott 09-10-18 11:07 AM


My Giro shoes are in great shape because they never really fit comfortably.

Spoonrobot 09-10-18 11:09 AM

How did they compare for fit? Giro fits me pretty good but Shimano has more wide options.

Based on my googling "BRAND X shoe falling apart" and variants thereof and looking at the results Shimano and Sidi seem to have the best reputation. Shimano is also sold at Performance Bike so their in-store return policy would have allowed me to return my current Giros no problem.

So I guess I learned two things, don't buy Giro and don't order shoes from Amazon(or eBay, or etc.).

blacknbluebikes 09-10-18 11:56 AM

My giro shoes have been pretty flawless for 3 years now. no issues.

Flip Flop Rider 09-10-18 12:10 PM

no, but I'm guessing yours did

puma1552 09-10-18 01:40 PM

Curious if anyone has had experience with the Giro Trans Boa?

Brocephus 09-10-18 06:49 PM

Coincidentally, I not only bought a pair of Giros recently, I just had the sole of an old Diadora shoe start peeling away. While examining the malfunctioning Diadora, which I recently stumbled across in the garage and date back to my mildly-illustrious racing days in the early 2000's, I noticed the remnants of some Gorilla glue (IIRC) at the heel, and recalled repairing the same sole, years earlier. The Gorilla glue was still holding at the heel (and did for a lot of riding), but now it was the front end coming undone.
I bought some kind of multi-purpose glue from Walmart, and re-glued the sole, hoping to keep the shoes up and running, because they're still solid otherwise, and Diadoras always fit my feet really well (that was a week ago, i still haven't ridden them, but they look solid again.).
As for the Giros, they're an inexpensive pair I got on a big sale, w/ free shipping from Nashbar, and I really like them so far. Time will tell how they hold up, but the OP's experience with them doesn't inspire much confidence (in the product or the customer service).
Anyway, before tossing them, I'd try gluing them back together, and making them a spare training shoe.

Wileyrat 09-10-18 07:09 PM

2 1/2 yr old Giro Trans, and no they haven't.

CroMo Mike 09-10-18 08:31 PM

Glue the soles back on with Goop, also known as shoe goo. Works great.

woodcraft 09-10-18 09:56 PM


3 pairs in use. one is used & pretty old, the others are only a couple of years old.

jefnvk 09-12-18 06:58 AM

Other than the SPD plate cover getting torn up and finally necessitating me actually putting cleats on to keep using the shoes, no, my Giros are still going strong after two years. Only issue is where I cut the back seam on one on something shoving them into my bags on tour, it hasn't gotten any bigger, and the rest of the shoes look fine.

5teve 09-12-18 07:54 AM

Finishing up my 4th season on a pair of Giro Terraduros and they've held up well. Fit me well too, though that's pretty subjective. I like them well enough that I picked up a 2nd pair just to have when the 1st pair wears out! (because when something works for me it is inevitable that they will be discontinued before I need a replacement!)

fietsbob 09-12-18 08:30 AM

My SiDi never did.

WizardOfBoz 09-12-18 09:23 AM

Most manufacturing these days is highly mobile. If you're shoes are made in one factory in Italy, maybe you get consistent quality. If they are made in China this year, they may be made in Malaysia next year. So one company's quality can vary all over the map. Sounds like Giro produces many models, and some people get shoes they love, others get shoes that fall apart.

I Shimano and Sidi. They both seem very durable. The Sidis (Genius 5) I've been riding 2 1/2 years and they don't look too bad.

Ronsonic 09-13-18 09:36 PM

My Privateers are holding up fine after about two and a half years.

Sole separation is a pretty easy fix. Shoe repair shops can do a perfect job of this for not much money. Or, as one guy suggested shoe goo works, but the shop has the clamps to do a better than original job of it.

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