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Ungaro 10-15-18 05:40 PM

Originally Posted by CycleryNorth81 (Post 20618050)
That pump is gorgeous!! :love::love::love:

itís a champ!

Ungaro 10-15-18 05:46 PM

CycleryNorth81 10-15-18 05:51 PM

Originally Posted by Rootman (Post 20617940)
I use what's on the pump or my compressor. As stated it does not make a whole lot of difference. Since bike tires are thin and small the pressure will change with temps and time more than a cars will.

Most gauges I've tried have been fairly accurate. I carry a fairly large foot pump in my rack bag because I have larger tires, and a bad track record with flats. Once I was on my only spare tube of a ride and had to stop 6 times to air up. The patch wouldn't seal on the first tube, a failure around the valve stem. My wife is not very good at navigating so I carry a bunch of stuff, tools, pump, tube, etc. to help make sure I can return home. A hand pump just takes too long so I got the smallest foot pump I could find. And as long as the gauge is fairly accurate it's close enough for me.

I like to carry a pump on my bike because it is cheaper that co2 cartridges (in the long run) and can used multiple times on a single trip as other riders commented. I have also heard c02 gas leak faster than regular air.

MikeyMK 10-16-18 12:14 AM

I have no idea what pressures i run. I pump my tyres to how the bike feels and performs best on them.

Pulsify 10-16-18 06:01 AM

blow joe

abramj 10-16-18 06:24 AM

I have many ways to get the pressure I need/want.

1. The awe crap finger pinch. This is when I forgot to throw my pump in my car and loaded up the day before for a ride, pinch and it feels good.

2. The borrow a friends pump. This is when the finger pinch says I need some air and my friend has a pump.

3. Use a CO2 cartridge and hope I don;'t blow the tire. This is when I use the finger pinch, need air, and my friend forgot his pump too.

4. Use my Park tire pump with guage.

5. Use my Canondale Airport pump with guage.

6 Use my Blackburn pump with guage.

The only thing I try, is to use the same pump for a little consistency. I usually adjust the pressure based on the tires and roads I'm riding. As long as I'm using the same pump, it works good. If I use a different pump, it is not always the same as the other pump.

I'm not a fan of external pressure guages. I think they lose a little air, and thus change the pressure. Or maybe i just can't seem to use them correctly??? I say get a good pump with a guage and it will be fine.

jasnooks 10-16-18 07:08 AM

Originally Posted by rumrunn6 (Post 20612668)
after confirming the gauge on my pump matches my patented pencil style gauge, I no longer use the hand held gauge at home. but I do carry it on the road but rarely use it even when fixing a flat

I do the same.

Phil_gretz 10-16-18 09:12 AM

After 40+ years of squeezing the tire after inflating, I can say with certainty that I can't tell a tire's pressure by squeezing between my thumb and forefinger. I just can't. I am able to tell if it's firm enough to ride home on, but I couldn't tell you within 10 psi what the pressure is. Not that any of this matters. Most folks overinflate their tires anyway...

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