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PainTrain 06-21-05 08:11 PM

Broke my seat post
Out having a ride during lunch yesterday, I was almost back to the office when *crack* my seat post broke!

The platform where the bolt goes through broke right in half. Luckily I stayed in the pedals and didn't crash, but my lower back is really sore today. I still commuted home, my wife dropped me and a new seat post off this morning.

Apparently, I'd let the seat work its way to the front of the 'bars', and all my weight was kind of hanging out behind the platform of the post. I'll keep a closer eye on this new one, to be sure.

Nightshade 06-21-05 08:20 PM

In a way you're lucky you didn't get.........
skewered. :eek:

Roody 06-21-05 08:22 PM

Is this why they call you paintrain? Sounds like the pain is in your caboose.

chris_pnoy 06-21-05 09:28 PM

Originally Posted by Tightwad
In a way you're lucky you didn't get.........
skewered. :eek:

:D That would feel, ummm... uncomfortable indeed.

Are you ok now though?

Ziemas 06-22-05 01:33 AM

What was the post made of?

khuon 06-22-05 02:43 AM

So it sounds like the rail clamps broke and not the tube of the post itself. Am I right?

PainTrain 06-22-05 07:11 AM

Right, the rail clamps. 'Platform' I called it... my fingers are better suited to a keyboard than tools I'm afraid. Not much of a mechanical bent.

What was the post made of?
I'd have to think the post was steel, it was the stock post on a Trek 7100 hybrid.

Are you ok now though?
I'm OK, thanks, except for my back which is really stiff. The more I think about it, the more I wonder how I didn't crash... must have built the legs a little commuting over the past year.

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