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HerrKaLeun 11-23-18 07:57 PM

Chainwaxing or Craigslist WTF?
I found this Craigslist nugget for all waxers.

I'm curious if the seller found any takers for the used $20 chains :D

Flip Flop Rider 11-23-18 08:03 PM

new is probably same price or close enough

Doctor Morbius 11-23-18 09:00 PM

It's Craig's List, which is the Jerry Springer of sales venues. Scum and/or idiocy.

redtires 11-23-18 09:04 PM

I desperately want to send an email asking only "Still available?". :lol:

Kedosto 11-24-18 09:11 AM

Originally Posted by redtires (Post 20675437)
I desperately want to send an email asking only "Still available?". :lol:

Almost worth opening a burner account just for the fun.


Lazyass 11-24-18 09:31 AM

You can get your top speed on race day.

dedhed 11-24-18 05:46 PM

It's Madison, what do you expect?

livedarklions 11-25-18 05:48 AM

Big deal. I pay $125 to get a Brazilian wax for my chain on big race day. Doesn't make it any faster, but it's a much cleaner look.

TiHabanero 11-25-18 07:00 AM

The guy adds molycoat to the paraffin bath and thinks this will go 400-600 miles before rewax? Not sure how that works, but with the wax goes the moly. It is not deposited in the pivots from what I understand about moly additives for final drives on motorbikes. I could very well be wrong.

HerrKaLeun 11-25-18 10:08 AM

Originally Posted by dedhed (Post 20676350)
It's Madison, what do you expect?


call it organic wax and double price again.

yeah, here you sell **** for dollars as long as you call it organic or eastern medicine.

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