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Bikes-N-Drums 07-13-02 01:15 PM

Tire wear
I'm fairly new to road tires. I've had a set of Ultra 2000's for about 400 miles. When I looked at the tire today while cleaning the bike up, I noticed a scuff mark on the tire and a little area in the middle, like a 3mm patch, that on close inspection appeared to have broken through to the fiber.

I had to do a quick stop a little while back and skidded but only for a fraction of a second. I imagine this is when the damage occurred. Does this sound right? These tires have but one quick skid in them?

I should replace the tire, but I'm thinking maybe something a little more durable in the rear - not sure. Any recommendations? Would a different style tire (but the same size) on the rear affect the accuracy of the computer? Thanks!

ljbike 07-13-02 09:20 PM

If you want to stick to Conti, go with the 3000 or the GrandPrix3000.
Or you might switch to Michelin Axial Pro's. (not the racing version, which has softer rubber.)
I also like the Avocet Kevlar tires for good wear and reduced flats.
Hutchinson makes good tires... the list could go on. IRC makes some pretty good everyday tires and they aren't too expensive.

Richard Cranium 07-14-02 07:35 AM

Ultra 2000's don't wear well at all. But anytime you "skid" anything can happen--fast....

Couple a things, to consider: do you buy "fresh" tire?

If a tire sits in a shop for a year, it will dry and wear out faster.

If you are in real low-humidity area, the tires will scuff and wear faster too....

mike 07-14-02 02:48 PM

If you are using your bicycle for functional riding rather than training or racing, use heavier tires with more tread.

The serious 'type A' racer/trainer bicyclists are willing to sacrifice tire life for weight and understand that they will be buying tires more frequently.

In any case 400 miles is not a lot of distance for tire wear. You might consider contacting the manufacturer.

RonH 07-15-02 11:07 AM

I've had two pairs of Ultra 2000 and got "acceptable" mileage from them. Maybe you had a cut in the tire because 400 miles just doesn't sound like much for that kind of problem.

Recently upgraded the tires on my road bike from Ultra 2000 (had over 1500 miles on them) to Grand Prix 3000. So far I like them.

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