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Where to sell my used bikes?

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Originally Posted by realperson View Post
Where do you sell bikes online and offline? I've tried Craigslist but I never get any people who take the ads seriously. My LBS owner had a good point that in our city there are about 20,000 bikes on Craigslist at any given time, so it's not a good place to sell. The bikes I'm selling, I think would sell quickly; they are decent bikes with what I would consider a desirable price point.
Where do you sell your bikes and what kind of success do you have?
We have a community bike repair and free bikes for local kids. Adults can buy a bike for $75. Experienced mechanics run it and teach kids whether or not they need a bike. So, repairs could take time for donated bikes. I bought a bike and donated a bike.

Our public universty sells donated used bikes and parts at an elementary school annually. Very popular, Ive been there.

There is an enthusiasm at these places that is inspiring.

Check with local elementary, middle and high schools to see how you can donate your bike, if you are so inclined.

You see, bikes give freedom of movement like a car. Here, bikes can be loaded on front bumpers of City buses. The bike repair teaches bike riding, maintenance, safety and laws.
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Originally Posted by REDMASTA View Post
you are probably pricing them too high, like everyone else on craigslist.
This - If something's not selling, irrespective of if it's a house, car or bike this is the reason ... everything will sell at "the right" price although you may marginally influence what people consider that to be by how it's presented.

I don't get why so many people seem to think because it's their stuff for sale it's worth a lot more than everybody else's 2nd hand stuff.
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Never had a real problem with selling bikes on Craigslist near DC. Only issue I had last year when selling three bikes, was the flippers trying to low ball me into selling all three at once. I did not have any problems selling all three separately for the amount I wanted.
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Originally Posted by honcho View Post
In my large metropolitan area, I use Craigslist for bikes and other things. A good bike at an attractive price goes pretty quick; however, everyone has a different idea of what a "good" bike is and the ridiculous values promoted by Bicycle Blue Book have made getting decent prices more challenging. Bicycle Blue Book prices for used bikes seem calculated solely to support their business model of corporate bike flipping and supporting affiliated bike shops in lowballing trade-in prices. In my area, bike sharing fleets seem to have somewhat reduced the demand for bikes. Another factor that may be play is your location in your local metropolitan area. I have a friend who lives about 5 miles closer in than I do and is located very close to a subway station. He seems to have much better success moving bikes than I do. His location is easier for people without cars to access. I very rarely offer to meet people because showing bikes to tire-kickers is a poor use of my time and if someone is seriously interested, they'll make the effort to make it out to my location.
blue book does seem to be low priced.

so what is the solution to bicycle pricing? anything online?

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Originally Posted by Duo View Post
blue book does seem to be low priced.

so what is the solution to bicycle pricing? anything online?

The best way is to look at what things are selling for.

On E-Bay, there are "Sold Ads", which may be limited to the last couple of months, but list actual selling prices, rather than dreamer prices.

Craigslist will now give you everything within 100 miles or so (asking prices, not sale prices). There are ways to search further and wider such as:
Bike Description
If the bike is "interesting", the people on BikeForums will give you some candid numbers. Sometimes down to the nearest $50, other times a range from say $500 to $1500. And, of course, everyone has a different opinion.

As far as Bicycle Blue Book, it is algorithm driven. If you put in a basic Hybrid from 10 years ago, it may be close. But, if you have a 20 year old road bike or cyclocross bike, then it may be off a bit.
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Selling a bike on Craigslist is way, way less hassle than selling a car on Craigslist. Have sold bikes without trouble, remove the add and all is good.
Sold a few cars on Craigslist, remove the add and a month later people still texting me to see what kind of deal they can get. Bottom feeders are so annoying.
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With good photos, Craigslist can work. I've used OfferUp successfully because the market is less saturated (at least where I live).
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Originally Posted by exmechanic89 View Post
I'd just cut my losses and donate the bikes to a co-op if no luck selling on CL.
Or not. I volunteer at a big-city, high-volume co-op. We are drowning in crappy broken-down department store bikes. We are consuming vast resources assessing, storing and then hauling 90% of these right to the landfill. Most of these bikes were are net liability to society the moment they came out of the factory. So they were worthless new, and their value does not increase over time.

Posting these bikes daily on Craigslist for months does not enhance their value either.

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craigslist is where i do my shopping, but I am a noob.
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