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Rose Park Ranger 02-04-01 10:51 PM

1. What is the best trailer to haul a child in?

2. How old does the child have to be before you can start taking him or her for rides? (I know every case is different, but any suggestions would be appreciated.)

pat5319 02-05-01 02:58 PM

best trailer - Burley
Age- I'm not sure what is best. I do know there are people who take their infants, they always build a "nest" to support the child.

GirlzNGear 02-05-01 02:58 PM

I had a..........
Huffy - plastic molded body, two seater - doubled as a jogging stroller. It was sturdy and safe but heavy to lug around - especially when I was pulling both kids. Your LBS should have a decent selection of the newer, lighter trailers. I would check there. And #2, I think most carriers recommend that the baby be one year old, able to hold their head steady. Good luck!

Rich 02-06-01 06:40 AM

Hi there,

I've seen a Cannondale traler going around, and they look pretty cool. Cannondale have a great rep too, so it might be worth a look.

;) Rich :)

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