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goof1972 01-01-19 08:19 AM

Newbie Tubeless Question - unseating
Hi Guys,

I am noticing that when I set my tires to low pressure (~20-25 psi), the tires would unseat itself quickly. Is this normal? This gets me nervous if
I go riding at low pressure.

I have H Plus Son Hydra rims with Schwalbe G-One tires (33 cm).


dabac 01-01-19 10:20 AM

20-25 PSI is MTB territory.
IMO you’re asking for trouble running that kind of pressure on a 33 mm tire.
If not pinch flats, then rim damage.
And yeah, unseating CAN happen. Tires actually coming off is quite rare, but most MTBers running tubeless (at low pressures have at some time ”burped” a tire.
What MIGHT work for you if you wish to keep pushing the envelope is to build up the rim diameter some. Find a tape that’s a good fit between the rim’s brake tracks and layer up. Some use a cellular/spongy tape intended for pipe insulation.
Some cut strips of that thin, bubbly stuff used under floors.

fietsbob 01-01-19 11:11 AM

Tubeless problem?
Yea "burping" is a common problem .. (sew up) gluing the tire to the rim may cure that ..

Cyclo Cross Racing has long used tubular tires , in burp free lower pressures. Its still where the Pros go for tires..



Maelochs 01-01-19 11:34 AM

It is perfectly normal for your tires to pop off the rim when you underinflate them dangerously.

DrIsotope 01-01-19 11:44 AM

Hey now-- 25psi might be spot on, if the OP weighs 65lbs.

Gconan 01-01-19 11:47 AM

The recommended range of tire pressures are printed or molded on the side of the tire. For example on my 700×40mm tubless tire it says to inflate from 35-55 psi. Since I am a heavier rider I go 55psi.

goof1972 01-01-19 09:06 PM

Awesome. Thanks for the info guys! I will pay more attention to the side of my tires (40 PSI) :).

Happy this issue is something simple :).

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