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Bikes-N-Drums 07-14-02 01:48 PM

I bit the dust
I remember coming around a corner very quickly and I had caught this area of the curb where the asphalt and conrete had separated - trouble came quickly and then my front tire jammed in the 'slot'. The next thing I remember was being on my back in the street and watching the bike flipping end over end above me.

It certainly must have been a spectacle. This intersection was at a MARTA station (public transit) and was a pretty busy scene with people on the corner. Strange. Nobody helped or even asked if I was OK.

All my stuff went bursting into the street. I destroyed my computer & rear light and who knows what else. Miraculously, I all I suffered was a skinned knee!

grego262 07-14-02 01:57 PM

Glad to hear you are okay.

naisme 07-14-02 02:06 PM

I had a similar experience crossing railroad tracks, at a crossing, my rear wheel slipped into the crevase between rail and cement, I turned for a trail head and the wheel stayed, threw me over the bars, bent the wheel, and dumped the panniers. Now I know to cross tracks perpidicular rather than in a paralel fashion.

mike 07-14-02 02:08 PM

That kind of experience can be very traumatic. It can make getting back on the bike a bit frightening.

Keep up your courage. A wipe out like that on a bike is cheaper and safer than a fender bender (or worse) in a car.

Glad to know you are OK.

The Rob 07-14-02 02:43 PM

Owwitch! Just had a bolt of sympathy pain here! :(

Glad you're not seriously maimed!


aerobat 07-14-02 04:04 PM

You're right, these things happen so fast you don't even know it's happening 'til you're on your back in the street. Glad to hear you're OK, and the bikes not too bad off.

Make sure you check the bike carefully for damage. After my last serious crash I straightened the bars and rode away, and a block later the rear wheel jammed because the QR came loose. I was lucky that time that it didn't cause anything serious.

oceanrider 07-14-02 04:12 PM

Yikes! Now the odds are in your favor you won't have another crash for at least a very long time.

Inkwolf 07-14-02 04:28 PM

Owww...sorry to hear about your accident, and I'm glad you aren't hurt badly.


Strange. Nobody helped or even asked if I was OK.
Hey, at least they didn't laugh this time. (Jerks.) Dang, you couldn't pay me enough to live in a big city.

LittleBigMan 07-14-02 05:10 PM

Bikes and Drums!

Definitely a bummer! Glad you weren't hurt (badly.)

Hey, if I were there, you bet I would have helped. Hope your bike's not badly damaged--get it checked out.

But life goes on, eh! ;) Stay safe!

urban_assault 07-14-02 06:58 PM

Glad you are ok. Be careful with the bass drum pedal and hi hat. ;)

If your knee stiffens up, your timing may be off and your band will hate you for it.:p

I've crashed in front of people here and most bystanders seem to think it's funny. very few will offer assistance.

Hunter 07-14-02 07:12 PM

WOW! It is good to hear that you rode away from your crash. About the lack of aassistance. Nowadays people are afraid to help anyone in a situation like that for the fear of potential lawsuits. Which of course makes it a shame. The least someone could have done was to pick up your bike and other stuf and moved it out of the way. Geez like that is real difficult. Also a friendly "Are you ok" would have helped.
Maybe it is the length of our hair or something, I don't know. Well as long as you learned form it.

Richard D 07-15-02 03:54 AM

Glad you're okay.

Bikes-N-Drums 07-15-02 04:30 AM

Well, I was waiting until morning to see if I'd have any additional aches and pains and it seems I've escaped this one without anything else than a few scrapes. Very odd since I went down so quickly. I still can't piece together what happened. I'm glad I'm OK though and thanks for your kind words everyone.
One thing I did realize is that every accident I've had seems to involve RIGHT TURNS. I have to work on these....!

Bikes-N-Drums 07-15-02 04:37 AM

(DOUBLE POST - oops)

RonH 07-15-02 10:38 AM


Originally posted by Bikes-N-Drums
This intersection was at a MARTA station (public transit) and was a pretty busy scene with people on the corner. Strange. Nobody helped or even asked if I was OK.
Glad you're ok! Hope the bike wasn't hurt too bad.

I have two thoughts about this situation.
1. Cyclists aren't "people" in the same sense as a motorist. If you were in a car several people would have offered assistance. But we fall into a "gray" area that only another cyclist understands.

I think many non-cyclists think we ride to our destinations because we can't afford a car or have lost our driver's license. That makes us "unclean" and people won't involve themselves with us, kinda like the way some people feel toward a homeless person.

2. I would gladly stop and help you and make sure you were ok.

3. I hope you weren't wearing the shorts with the split in the crotch. :D

Anders K 07-15-02 10:52 AM

Good to hear you are OK.

Anders K

Bikes-N-Drums 07-15-02 12:09 PM


Originally posted by RonH

3. I hope you weren't wearing the shorts with the split in the crotch. :D

OK, now it makes sense. Karma just gave me a little payback for that day! :p

psycholist 07-15-02 12:44 PM

Dang, RonH beat me to the punch on the tear-away cycling shorts thing.

Sounds like you had a wild time, there. Make you wonder...if you'd had blood coming out of your ears and were spitting up spleen would they finally have made an effort to help?
Personally I think the cold-hearted "stand-and-watch"mentality is just a big city phenomenon. I've had folks that live along my routes stop me on the road and tell that if I ever had a break-down or an accident the keys to the car are in the ignition and to just help myself, or that the back door is left open if I should ever need anything. If I ever had a wreck around some of these people I do believe I'd be at greater risk of suffocation from the swarm of people than from my bike injuries.

By the way...I have developed a pretty accurate barometer for telling how seriously hurt you are following a face-plant:

If immediately following your wreck your first concern is "Jeez, I wonder how many people just saw me do that" are fine.

If immediately following your wreck your first concern is "Jeez that kinda hurts... but how bad is my derailleur screwed?" are probably still fine but there is the possibility you sustained bodily damage.

If immediately following your wreck your first concern is "Not totally sure how I got here, but I think I will just lay here on this nice warm pavement a while until these funny colored lights in my head go away"

...have a friend with functioning fingers call your health care provider in the next few days to precertify the MRIs, and also cultivate a fondness for soft foods and assisted living.
Begin pricing recumbents.

So using that scale, how bad was it, B n D? :D

Andy Dreisch 07-15-02 01:13 PM

Glad to hear you're well.

Long pavement cracks in the direction of travel are the bane of a cyclists's existence. Was this a new course for you? The reason I ask is that I know EVERY such crack in San Jose. But I can't say that I wouldn't go splat on a new path with unknown pavement breaks.

On the point of people gawking but not helping, I'd imagine that'd be true of any accident scene involving any vehicle. Not sure we can make this a "cyclists versus the world" thing. Especially at a MARTA station where people have exactly one focus -- getting to work on time. Not excusing it; just saying that it's probably not an anti-cyclist thing.

Bikes-N-Drums 07-15-02 02:43 PM

Part of it was my own fault: 1. I cut the corner too closely and went into the 'lip' area of the curb. 2. I was going too fast due to the impatient motorist in cover formation beside me who was making the same turn I was. 3. My inexperience with skinny little road tires. OK, so all of it was my fault. I know the area well, I can attribute nothing to my lack of knowledge of the area.
As for people not helping, well, let's face it - all I got was a banged up knee and I got out of the street fairly quickly - but still, I rolled through the street and my bike was flying around like a propeller.
Some people at work pointed out that at least I didn't get that "OOOOOoooooo!!!" thing that people yell whenever you mess up in front of a bunch of people.

psycholist 07-16-02 12:15 PM

you are really REALLY lucky if you had a four-wheeled escort and still managed to avoid getting run over!!

karmaceutical 07-16-02 12:55 PM

i had a similiar experience on some railroad tracks on a street familiar to me... i usually hop a little over them, they're at like a 45degree angle to the road... but that day was trafficky on this side street and i didn't want to risk getting run over by a school bus, of which there were several. so i just rode but it was rainy and the tracks were wet and my front went into the rut and tossed me, kind of wrapped in the bike, to the street. i skidded on my back right down the center line... the onlookers in traffic thought i was dead... as people jumped out of their cars to assist me. it hurt like hell but i dragged myself off the road to catch a breath and ride out the last 300yards of my commute. no damage to the bike... i got a colorful deep tissue bruise in my thigh where the saddle caught me... i am very cautious of that spot now... especially in the wet

Andy Dreisch 07-16-02 01:50 PM

Railroad tracks are a killer. I cross 4 sets of RR tracks daily. One set is very close to a stop and run at 45 degree angles. I hate them.

The Toninator 07-16-02 02:10 PM

I go through about 4 to 5 computers a year. :eek:

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