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lotek 07-15-02 11:22 AM

Where do you purchase components ?
Just wondering where everyone gets their components?
Personally I've been frequenting e-bay, classifieds from
other sites largely because I'm looking for components
that are not "current" (campy 8 speed).
For most other stuff I prefer my LBS, if not for
the cost, for the support I get after my purchases.


greatnexus 07-15-02 11:40 AM

I usually look online for clearance and hot deals. If I know what I want, I go to, which give me comparison over many companies.

velocipedio 07-15-02 01:17 PM

I get most of my stuff at the LBS, though I have shopped on-line for components. I even scored a couple of Campy hubs and some Look pedals on eBay. But it's better to shop eBay in the off-season.

bac 07-15-02 01:19 PM

I always try and buy from my LBS. However, there have been times when I've shopped on-line for a variety of reasons.

usnagent007 07-15-02 01:43 PM <--"beats any price", "finds anything", they've been good to me. <--patience, grasshoppa
-------------------- <--gives a good price estimate, but doesn't search as well as google

bad business:

Joe Gardner 07-15-02 01:49 PM

My LBS, however i pass 4 other bike shops to my LBS. I love the place, there very nice, and offer great deals. If they dont have it, they will order it from quality, i usualy have it within a week.

I also purchase a bit on ebay, including my current ride. When going mail order, i usualy go with Colorado Cyclist. I'll go mail order if i can save more then ~20% from the LBS. Or if its something they cant order.

ljbike 07-15-02 02:22 PM

I'm lucky enough to buy wholesale direct and pass most of the savings to my friends.

velocipedio 07-15-02 02:41 PM


Originally posted by ljbike
I'm lucky enough to buy wholesale direct and pass most of the savings to my friends.
Will you be my friend? :D

WorldIRC 07-15-02 02:42 PM

i work in a shop so i save the markup and get it right from the distributor

RonH 07-15-02 03:57 PM


Originally posted by Joe Gardner
My LBS, however i pass 4 other bike shops to my LBS. I love the place, there very nice, and offer great deals. If they dont have it, they will order it from quality, i usualy have it within a week.
Just curious Joe. What's the name of the LBS? One of my company's customers is the Bicycle Center in SLC. On the phone they seem like nice folks.

Joe Gardner 07-15-02 04:01 PM

Mad Dog Cycles, in Orem UT. I have been to the Bicycle Center a few times, but have never purchased, or used there services.

Goatbiker 07-15-02 05:56 PM

I buy the stuff that my "traditional" LBS doesn't carry for my 'bent on the net. But for the stuff that isn't 'bent specific, If my LBS is within 20% of the internet price, I'll buy locally. Although I consider myself pretty savy in the area of bikes, they are a wealth of info when I need it. So I support them, even though it costs me a little more. My support helps to ensure that they will be there when I need them.


1oldRoadie 07-15-02 09:05 PM

This town of 300,000 has 3 VERY GOOD LBS, 1 strange but neat LBS and 2 that the owners should be taken to jail on general principals.

I wish I could buy everything from the LBS, but with the online prices for large ticket items, I just can't afford to. I do try to give them all the business that I can though.

dirtbikedude 07-15-02 10:31 PM

Most of my purchases are split equally between LBS and mail order/web.

aerobat 07-15-02 10:50 PM

I usually try the LBS, but if I get a substantial discount online/mailorder I'll do it. It's useful to support the LBS, as I've gotten a couple of free adjustments lately when I've just walked in and asked them...that's service. (not to wheels I've bought there, either)

Precision Pedal 07-15-02 10:54 PM

My thanks to those who support your LBS. It is difficult to compete with mail order prices on alot of things.

Richard D 07-16-02 01:43 AM

Some LBS some online, depending on what the LBS stocks and what specials are around on-line. Occasionally ebay.


Anders K 07-16-02 08:39 AM

I first try my LBSīs, but since bicycling is very small here in Sweden Iīm forced to buy from England . They have so much bigger catalouge and are better initiated (is that the right word?) and can better help me. Also my LBSīs have a poorer level of service then for example SJSC. Most comon answers are: I donīt know, Canīt get it, Never heard of, and so on. I try to give the lokals a fair chance first, bit if they cant help...

Anders K

1oldRoadie 07-16-02 08:58 AM

It appears that this thread has a common thread. The biking comunity really wants to support the LBS. But as much as we enjoy the level of service and knowledge that the LBS gives us we just can not afford not to use the online / catalog services that are now available via internet.

The internet online services are going to be the next Walmart.

WoodyUpstate 07-16-02 09:34 AM

My LBS isn't local - 45 minutes away - and isn't good enough to justify the trip.

eBay and online for me. I rarely buy new without shopping eBay first. I've bought 2 frames and 1 complete bike, countless components and clothing. Upgrades are almost always eBay as I can usually wait for the right item to appear.

Maelstrom 07-16-02 11:52 AM

LBS or area shops. I live 45 to an hour drive away from the shop I usually buy at.

blwyn 07-16-02 08:25 PM

I had been buying most of my components from my LBS, but after today that is going to change. My rim cracked and I took it in to have them transfer the hub and spokes to a new rim. After having it for a week and telling me each day it would be ready tomorrow, today they told me they didn't have any rims that would work and it would be 3 weeks until they did!! They claim it was a "communication" problem at the shop and didn't offer any other solutions. I told them they just made an order for Performance.

poululla 07-19-02 12:58 AM

My LBS will kill me if he finds out, but I check out components at his store, and I mean check it out. I recently tried on some Sidi shoes at his shop, and then went on to purchase it online.Sorry

PrimalQ 07-19-02 10:38 AM

I always order Online. Either from Jenson USA, Nashbar or Performance. It has to be on clearance or on sale, I especially like the Returns sections on Nashbar and Performance, You can find some really great deals out there. The only exception is purchasing bikes, I prefer the LBS so I can test ride the bike first, and make sure it fits me.

webist 07-19-02 12:24 PM

My LBS is located in the same building where my office is located and the owner is a friend. Thus, the LBS is the first choice. They aren't too well stocked on clothing though, so I often go on line for Jerseys and such.

Since I have empathy for the small business person, I will gladly spend a percentage point or two more to use the LBS. He supports and participates in local events and charities and contrubutes to the local tax base. Can't get that intangible benefit by going on line or out of town.

Sometimes I have to wait a bit for something. When I can I do. His lowest priced jersey thoug is 54.95. I get nice ones on line for $29. Can't quite bring myself to support the LBS that much. Everything else though, I get from him.


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