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bimmerphile 06-26-05 11:44 AM

Kryptonite Combo Lock - combo won't work???
Hi everyone,

Yesterday I picked up a Kryptonite RCL-II combo lock from a dealer up in Park City, UT. The instruction manual states that the lock is pre-set to open at 0-0-0-5, however, I entered this combination and the lock won't budge. I assume that you set those numbers on the top of the lock, and give a good firm pull...correct?

I went back to the shop today to see if maybe my lock had been screwed with, but they said that they just got their shipment from Kryptonite the week prior and all the locks were new. When I tried the other locks on the shelf with the 0-0-0-5 combination, none of them would work either.

Any thoughts/suggestions before I call Kryptonite on Monday?



el twe 06-26-05 12:23 PM

Maybe you're doing 5-0-0-0? (You, know, just looking at it wrong...)

bimmerphile 06-26-05 12:36 PM I tried that 5-0-0-0 or 0-0-0-5....whatever the opposite is...

Along with 0-0-0-0, 1-1-1-1, 2-2-2-2, to 9-9-9-9.


slvoid 06-26-05 12:42 PM

You'd think the LBS would've pulled all the locks when they found out that the default combination doesn't work.

slvoid 06-26-05 12:43 PM

EDIT: oops, dupe.

el twe 06-26-05 12:44 PM

I'd call Krypto, then.

bimmerphile 06-26-05 06:10 PM

Yup...looks like Krypto it is :-/

supcom 06-26-05 06:23 PM

Why not just return the lock and get your money back? Pick another lock that works.

alanbikehouston 06-28-05 05:44 AM

I accidentially changed the default combo on a Krypto lock. But, if the lock is OPEN, you can discover what the combination is by looking inside the lock. Lock inside the lock and turn just one of the numbers. You will see a "groove". When the "grooves" on all numbers are aligned, you can close the lock. Note precisely the number of each tumbler when the grooves are aligned and then spin to a different combination. The lock will NOT open until you return to the "default" combination.

Then follow the setting directions to select a combination that you can easily remember and re-test the lock several times before using it on your bike. The combo lock is probably, for a variety of reasons, the LEAST secure of Kryptonite's U-locks.

I use the combo Kryptonite for kid's bikes and cheap beach cruisers that are locked in "Friendly Village" types of locations. It is NOT an "over-night" big city college type of lock, or a midnight movie in New York City type of lock. For those situations you need the Kryptonite New York 3000 (if not a PAIR of New York 3000's).

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