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A bike you will never sell

Old 04-13-19, 03:55 PM
Darth Lefty 
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I have my Dad's custom ordered 76 Paramount P10-9, full 531, full Campy. It's a size too big for me. It's not going anywhere. When I die my kids can fight over who has to take it.
Genesis 49:16-17
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Old 04-13-19, 06:38 PM
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The LeMond Reno in my avatar is one I'll not part with. Don't know what it is about it, but I swear it makes me a better rider. It is the first real decent road bike I owned, but I've ridden several others and none seem to do for me what this bike does.
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Old 04-13-19, 07:01 PM
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I had a Pro-Miyata for many years & sold it last year.

Haven't regretted it yet. Those who say steel is comfy

never rode that one- a bone-shaker.

AFAS the other ones- don't let them hear this- they're precious, but not that precious.
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Originally Posted by woodcraft View Post
I had a Pro-Miyata for many years & sold it last year.

Haven't regretted it yet. Those who say steel is comfy

never rode that one- a bone-shaker.

AFAS the other ones- don't let them hear this- they're precious, but not that precious.
There was some steel bikes that were very firm riding, though I never heard that about the Pro-Miyata, anyways the stiffest steel bike I've ever test rode was a Pegoretti Big Leg Emma...oh my god that thing was harsh riding, so I didn't buy it, but the paint job was out of this world, in fact there is nothing like the paint work that Pegoretti did on his bikes that no other bike in this world has.

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A good steel bike that fits perfectly and does what it was made to do well is what I want. Have a couple AL bikes that are nice but if someone offered me a fair price i would sell them. The three steel bikes I primarily ride, a Brompton, a Surly Steamroller (fixed, SS or Sturmey Archer 3 speed ) and an 82 Holdsworth Special are all a joy to ride, to the point when I ride one I think "If I could have only one bike, this would be it." Then I ride one of the others and think the same about it. The Holdsworth would be tough to replace if stolen, the other 2 not so much.
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My Bridgestone bikes. And my Gary Fischer joshua
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My '85 Nishiki Olympiad and '03 Colnago MXL.
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Never, ever, ever, ever!

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Sadly for me, it was the bike I actually sold - my very first bike. It was a cheap and cheerful GT ZUM S2 hybrid. Over the years I upgraded bits of it to slightly better components. It never let me down, fitted me really well, never had a puncture and was always nice to ride. It was a tough bike too so I felt confident on it, knowing that it'll take hard knocks without any issues.

It was also my cheapest bike costing me around 450 USD at today's rates.
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I’ll never sell my trek 610... mainly because with a replacement fork and nearly as much surface rust as paint on the top tube no ones going to pay anything for it. Not rare, or pretty.
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I still have , among others , my first light weight racer from 1976. A Kabuki Diamond Formula that I upgraded to Campagnolo a while back not as valuable as my other vintage steeds but I am not going to part with it. I will ride it until I don't ride at all anymore(no time soon!). Joe joesvintageroadbikes.wordpress
My first racer!
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My 96 Cannondale R900. It was my first road bike, first real bike. Even though it wasn't new, it was in amazing condition when I picked it up 15 years ago.

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Originally Posted by Bill in VA View Post
I still have my first adult "10-speed", a Peugeot UO-8 which still gets an occasional ride. It is 46 years old and in good shape and will never be sold. If I cannot ride, it will be wall art in my rec room....
Same here. I still have my first, new 12 speed Nishiki Olympiad I bought as an adult. It’s in remarkably good shape and it still gets the nod once in a while. Same goes for my Colnago MXL.

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Rides like a souped up Cadillac
​​​​​​​I love my bikes but there's a price where I would let them go....albeit a pretty high price.
Even though all my bikes are the same brand and 3 out of 4 the same size and set up the same way the last one I'd sell and the one that I could live with only having one would be this one.
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My Peugeot Premiere - bought it brand new in 1986, and it's survived five house moves and a divorce.

It still gets used frequently on my commute and sportives; it's a great bike to ride.

From memory it cost me less than £100 and it's given 30 plus years of service; not many purchases can do that.

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Old 04-23-19, 09:17 AM
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I will never sell my 1995 Colnago Tecnos (the bike in my avatar photo). First of all, I bought it from my brother almost twenty years ago, and since he passed away the bike has taken on a lot of sentimental value. It also happens to be a very sweet ride. About a year ago a changed out the old drivetrain for an oldguy-friendly triple and have been riding it a lot more often. It is also the shiniest and prettiest bike in my small collection of three bikes.
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Last bike I sold was 18 years ago which I fully regret. It was a vintage Peugeot in pristine condition for like $80. I have since treated my bikes like my firearms....not selling any of them.
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Old 04-23-19, 02:23 PM
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For the final answer , check my Estate Sale ...
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I think the only reason to sell is lack of space. This happens to me a while back and I regret selling two centurion frames. But they went to a guy who knew bikes so I think he had a lot of fun on them.
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Old 04-24-19, 06:15 PM
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The one bike I won't sell is my old Langster frame which is cracked in the BB but I loved that bike and is going to be a wall hanger (just need to put it on the wall) I don't imagine myself selling my Foundry Chilkoot Ti Frame at any point! I may end up swapping parts on it or converting to something else but I love that bike plus it is Ti so it is a long lasting material. I also have zero plans on selling the Phil Wood Apple VeloXS frame that is currently set up with DA 7400 and will soon have Phil Wood hubs! Aside from that I am game to sell anything but a lot of parts might move over to new frames or I might build up a similar bike with either a different frame or fork material or something. I love all my bikes and certainly don't have plans to sell anything but always have plans for new bikes either to replace an existing one or something totally new.

Generally though when people ask about buying my stuff I give them a price and they say "woah" because I one don't want to part with it and two don't generally build up all my bikes from the ground up so I don't have any boring stock stuff that was cheaper. The only complete bike I bought in recent times was a Surly Disc Trucker and I did sell that and then bought a frame and built up from that.
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I won't sell any of my bikes, because they'd never fetch as much as their practical value. They are "entry-level" - some people wouldn't even grant that - but are easy and inexpensive to maintain and repair, inherently more durable than many higher end bikes, and have more miles left to ride than most people will ride in a lifetime.

I'd probably give them away first, if I ever feel like purchasing something better.
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Meh.... Bikes are all replaceable, IMO, and I have little interest in vintage for the sake of vintage. I keep bikes down to 3 or 4. Beyond that, I am just collecting stuff... big stuff that takes up way to much room. 1 commuter/errand bike, 1 road/gravel bike, 1 FS MTB, and the last one is whatever my latest interest is (currently Fat). So nothing gets to hang around just for sentimental reasons. I did have a hard time parting with the old frame from the 90s that got me into MTB, but I have no regrets donating it to a co-op.

There are only a few inanimate objects in my life that I can confidently say I will never get rid of: One of my guitars... an old beat up and countlessly repaired Guild (because I love it and it is truly one of a kind and irreplaceable), and some original paintings/artwork. Nothing valuable, just unique and special to me... like my guitar.
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94 Jamis Diablo

Love this bike

Bought new

Gonna update it soon

Pics coming when I'm allowed
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Originally Posted by robnol View Post
I have a specialized transition elite tri bike ive had for many years,i recently thought of getting a newer bike , I don't have room in the garage for another bike but I cant bring myself to sell it..... it fits me perfectly it rides awesome...I am one with this bike....I cant conceive of a scenario in witch I would part with it.....does anybody else have this problem
I say unless you have reason to change ride the bike you love to ride.

I've got a few I don't want to sell. Only one I will probably never sell is my 90's Huffy 10 Speed. Maybe late 80's. not real sure about the age. That thing fits me like a Glove and is a lot of fun to ride.

It's been fun to see a lot of vintage road bikes here.
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it´s crazy how much gears the older bikes have.
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