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LaZy 07-15-02 09:39 PM

Hydration pack = back problems?
I was recently reading the 101 tips that don't suck in Mountain BIKE magazine and one of the tips says to "Kill your camel" saying that "hydration packs put extra weight on the spine". Is this anything to worry about? I was just about to make the switch from water bottle to a Camelbak Mule, so I can carry all my stuff in one nice little package and have plenty to drink. Has anyone else ever heard of hydration packs causing back problems or back pain?

Let me know what you all think about this.


dirtbikedude 07-15-02 10:21 PM

You might have have problems with your back if your shoulders, abdomen and arms do not have the muscle endurance to support the extra weight a hydration pack would place on your back. That being said, I ride with a pack that carries a gallon of liquid plus spare tubes, first aid pack, energy bars and a 2 way radio. The rides we usually do last any where from 1 to 8 hrs and I have never had back problems because of the pack. I say get one. They are definitely worth it.

Guillermo 07-15-02 10:23 PM

yes they are nice, especially offroad. Check the website, they have weights full I think...that should give you an idea, but not really significant enough to cause pain I don't think.


aerobat 07-15-02 10:53 PM

I don't think it's anything to worry about unless you've already got a back problem. I noticed the weight on my back the first time I used mine, but that's the only time.

jetski 07-16-02 09:48 AM

I don't have any problems carrying 100 oz of water and various other things in my pack, and have never had problems with the thing on my back, and I do have back problems. Just my experience!

Maelstrom 07-16-02 11:49 AM

I either carry a hydration system or a knapsack so I constantly have something on my bike. Any back pain I might have is usually because I 'forgot' to stand on my peddles while riding a rough trails. :)

Scooby Snax 07-16-02 09:19 PM

I have a bit of a nuscance back.. (sp?) I wont say bad...

I use a hydration pack, it holds 2 liters of water, thats 2kilo's or 4.4 lbs
tools and a tube, and a cell phone, you never know....

nope, doesnt hurt my back at all!!

25k enduro with two water bottles on the frame and two clif shots...
Man was my back was sore, I agree with the standing for the rough sections!!

Betta 07-17-02 06:28 AM

I just got a camelbak...75oz. It bugs me on long rides...over three hours. the weight isn't a problem as much as the straps. My shoulders are to aware of the pull.

But, I'd have to say it is worth having, especially, in the summer sun. I love it on the mountain bike...and like it on short rode rides. I would never wear the thing on a century.

Get one...they are useful. I just might need more time to get use to it.

VegasCyclist 07-17-02 01:51 PM

I had a 100 oz/ 3 liter camelbak for a while, full it was 8 pounds, and with all the hiking I had been doing I hardly noticed it. most of the packs you find now are 75 oz or even small 50 oz which would be probably 4-6 pounds.. not very heavy at all. but then again I have had no back problems.

Walter 07-17-02 02:30 PM

B/c of the effects of a motorcycle accident I can't use frame mounted bottle holders while on the fly. I either use a CamelBak (70oz) or carry bottles in my jersey pockets. Either way my water's on my back so to speak. No problems. Just make sure your straps are even so it sits squarely on your back and doesn't hang to one side or the other.


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