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madman91 06-26-05 09:28 PM

going on vacation
Im going on vacation tommorow and i can not take my bike with me for i am going to europe ( from america ). Even if i could i would have no time to ride it because we are traveling all over. This is terrible news for my biking career :D because lately i am getting better and my power grips are coming in the mail. All i can say is :cry: ... I will miss my bike, but i can still post on these forums in europe though .. yup thats right they have the internet in europe now :eek: ... jk jk..

Thanks for all your help and see you in 6-8 weeks.

Nachoman 06-26-05 10:52 PM

at least take a day off from traveling and rent a Bike !!!!

RonH 06-27-05 05:08 AM

I hope you'll still be able to ride after 6-8 weeks off the bike. :o

madman91 07-04-05 12:14 PM

wow how cyclist friendly, i luv it here, rode my cousins beater around town for about 32km.

viva la europe( poland )

Longhorn 07-04-05 02:23 PM

Hope you're having fun! Tell us all about it when you get back! :)

samp02 07-04-05 04:25 PM

Yes, vacation is always a time off the bike for me too. Spend a week in the carribean looking at gorgeous ladies, drinking whatever they have. seriously, I usaully do some running to keep the legs somewhat fresh. Enjoy. :)

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