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LittleBigMan 07-16-02 11:42 AM

In a jam
One day, I was in a jam. I needed some food energy for the ride home, but alas, had nothing. Not even hapence for a little snack.
(And I didn't have any money, either.)

I sat there wondering what I could a jam...jam...jam...



I grabbed a handful of Smucker's and off I went! They were a little sticky, but if you suck hard and lick, they're delicious, and power-packed!

Hey, I'm serious--if you are ever in a jam, try REAL JAM!


Spire 07-16-02 01:13 PM

Just out of curiosity where did you get these Jam packets, are they a regular item in your commuter's knapsack?

riderx 07-16-02 01:21 PM

Poor man's GU!

A study was done (Bicycling magazine I think) that compared the various GU type packs that are the current craze. Turns out Honey works about the same. Many times I eat a few tablespoons of honey before I head out on the ride. Costs less and it tastes good too!

Louis 07-16-02 04:05 PM

Good idea LBM, I'm guessing you picked those packets up at a fast food restaurant, right?
I once found myself in a similar situation way out in the country and was able to eat large quantities of blackberries for the ride home. Got home OK with blue lips and teeth.

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