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ohsurfrider 07-16-02 02:24 PM

Greatest American Cyclist
Who's the greatest, Lemond or Armstrong? I believe that title belongs to Lemond.

Joe Gardner 07-16-02 02:33 PM

Currently, i would agree with you, and say Lemond. However, ask me again in 2004, after lance takes 6 in a row ;)

velocipedio 07-16-02 04:30 PM

John Boyer.

Pete Clark 07-16-02 04:40 PM

This man certainly deserves some attention:

Joe Gardner 07-16-02 04:58 PM

Wow pete! Thanks for the link, great reading there!

RacerX 07-16-02 05:40 PM

major taylor is a great choice. There is a team out here in so calif. that is named after him. The Major Motion team.

Boyer would be a good choice if it were the Greatest American A-hole cyclist.

lotek 07-16-02 06:56 PM

Andy Hampsten gets my vote,
no wait, Davis Phinney
no, Wayne & Greg Stetina (was that their name?)

actually of the two choices in original post,
Lemond for now, we'll see in a few years.
(IMHO winning the TdF doesn't make someone
the greatest).


velocipedio 07-16-02 08:00 PM

Originally posted by RacerX
Boyer would be a good choice if it were the Greatest American A-hole cyclist.
'Twas a joke!

blwyn 07-16-02 08:27 PM


bac 07-16-02 08:31 PM

Originally posted by Pete Clark
This man certainly deserves some attention:

Holy cow - this man and his story are all new to me. Great link - thanX!

Hunter 07-16-02 08:45 PM

I select neither. My vote is John Stamstad.

roadbuzz 07-16-02 08:54 PM

If you could put them both in the same TdF, both in their prime, I think Lance would win.

But LeMond, more than Lance, had a great personality and was an excellent "ambassador" for the sport. And he was popular in the peloton, too. Well, except with filet mignon, er, Laurent Fignon, Claudio Chiapucci, and Bernard Hinault. In terms of pure cycling, and training and work ethic, it's gotta be Lance.

They are/were both, in the TdF, the best in their time.
Both great. Both different.

Joe Gardner 07-16-02 08:55 PM

Ignaz Schwinn, made the change from high-wheeler to the more traditional bicycle, in the 1890's...

Greatest non-american cyclist? Baron Karl von Drais!

velocipedio 07-16-02 08:57 PM

Noone has mentioned Connie Carpenter...

SteveE 07-16-02 09:22 PM

I always thought Rebecca Twig was kinda' cute, myself :)

Richard D 07-17-02 02:25 AM

Floyd Landis for the future?

ridealot 07-17-02 05:18 AM

What about that guy that was in Bicycling magazine about a year ago? Freddie something I think. Didn't he have like over a million miles or something like that? I think he rides everywhere and eery day. He just goes out and rides and rides and rides.

WoodyUpstate 07-17-02 06:08 AM

I nominate Ned Overend, John Tomac, Juli Furtado and Steve Tilford, for your consideration.

velocipedio 07-17-02 06:21 AM

Steve Tilford. He just keeps on going... champion at road cycling, mountain biking and cyclocross... not to mention triathlon. This guy can do it all, and has been doing it all since the early-80s. I remember one story of how he crashed in a MTB race and 41 bicycles ran over his head. He finished.

For pure grit, determination and love of the sport: Steve Tilford.

Good call.

WoodyUpstate 07-17-02 06:33 AM

Steve Tilford won the Fat Tire Crit at Sea Otter this March beating the top mountainbikers on earth. He was 41 or 42 years old, by the way. My Hero!

ohsurfrider 07-17-02 11:07 AM

"If you could put them both (Lemond and Armstrong) in the same TdF, both in their prime, I think Lance would win."

I have to disagree with Roadbuzz on this one. Armstrong never rode against legends in their prime (Hinault, Fignon, Kelly....) and won. Plus, the Tours that Lemond road were at a lot longer.

webist 07-17-02 12:38 PM

Lamond for now, but soon to be Lance.


SteveE 07-17-02 01:23 PM

John Howard --- Fastest Man on Two Wheels --- 152MPH.

SpiderMike 07-17-02 03:25 PM

Tinker Juarez. May not have be/been a roadie, but blazed a trial in both BMX and Mountain Biking.

Not to mention, you seen any pull off dreadlocks and cycling as well as he has?

tourist 07-17-02 04:03 PM

Lemond is the one that turned me into a junkie. I think Armstrong is awesome, but IMHO Lemond was the better ambassador of the sport, so far. I think Lance has that in him though. Like has been stated before if we get 6 straight we can talk.

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