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Joe Gardner 07-16-02 11:32 PM

Robin Williams on Letterman.
Anyone catch robin on letterman? He was in his full bike kit, Mapei shorts, didnt catch the jerseys, nice rudy project helmet, camelbak etc...

MediaCreations 07-16-02 11:48 PM

If anyone has anyway of posting pics of him on the show, those of us outside the US would appreciate it.

What did he have to say about cycling?

Why was he wearing Mapei shorts. Surely his friend Lance could have slipped him a few pairs of USPS shorts.

Joe Gardner 07-17-02 12:44 AM

I dont think he said anything about cycling, im not even sure if he was interviewd. I just cought a quick clip of him tasting some food on the show.

[edit]You can find a clip on the lateshow page here: click on "big show highlight"[/edit]

cycletourist 07-17-02 07:57 AM

Robin only popped in for a minute or so for a "celebrity taste test". Apparantly he rode his bike to the show.

Robin was interviewed on Letterman last week (I saw that one too). He talked a lot about cycling and riding with Lance and making fun of the french.

(imagine Robin's voice) "The french say Lance is on chemicals but I say, 'It's chemoTHERAPY you morons!' Then the say Lance is more aerodynamic because he only has one testicle. I say, 'Oh yeah, that's it - let's all cut off our balls so we can go faster!'"

cabledonut 07-17-02 08:51 AM

LOL! i was beaten to it, we get the letterman show here in oz but it must be the day after it's aired in the usa. i was about to start this new thread about robin williams being on the show dressed in a kelme team helmet, castelli jersey and mapei team shorts (bad combination! no style at all!) but the thread was already here!

so far all i've seen him do is appear as a special guest food taster during the cooking segment of the show but if he's gonna talk cycling then i might carry on watching this awful show!


RacerX 07-17-02 12:29 PM

Thanks for the tip! I'm over here in a different time zone so when I read the post, Letterman didn't come on yet.
Robin is cool to be so into cycling. I'm sure the majority of the viewers thought he was just wearing some crazy getup-- absolutely no connection to cycling. But, it's cool anyway.
Christopher Reeves used to be a big cycling fan too. He did a guest appearance on his road bike in a Ghostbusters music video way back.
James Cromwell, the farmer from "Babe" is also a huge cycling fan--he races masters category races.

lin_kieu 07-17-02 01:49 PM

I didn't watch the show, just the clip Joe Gardner posted. Did anyone see if his legs were shaved? I've always been curious as to whether or not he does.

wabbit 07-17-02 01:55 PM

I hope so. He's a really hairy guy!

SteveE 07-17-02 02:24 PM

Glad to hear that he wasn't decked out in his Acqua e Sapone kit!

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