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sdmc530 06-11-19 09:04 AM

I am looking to get some new wheels for a bike I am building and I am just wondering if Velomine is a good place to shop.

I don't mean to start a crazy thread, just wanted to get a couple of opinions of them.


wgscott 06-11-19 09:15 AM

I got a wheelset from there. Overall, it was ok, but the rear wheel was built in a very strange way, so that the spokes on one side were not interlaced, and they kept loosening up until I had the wheel rebuilt the normal way (which they advised me not to do). It has been fine, since.

I've had extremely good luck with November. They will build you whatever you need.

bakerjw 06-11-19 09:19 AM

I've ordered a few wheelsets from them through the years. They are a mortar shop and have always done well by me. If I need something really custom made, I'll go to Wheelbuilder or similar, but for good ole run of the mill wheelsets, I don't believe that you can go wrong with them.

TiHabanero 06-11-19 12:40 PM

Earlier this winter I ordered a couple of headsets I could not get from our distributors. They were a pleasure to deal with. Recommended.

Oldguyonoldbike 06-11-19 01:40 PM

They are a legitimate business and I have ordered from them several times. Service is generally good and prompt. The only issue I've had was one time they included the wrong lock ring with a new cassette. I can't speak to their customer service, because I already had a lock ring that would work and didn't feel like bothering them with it.

caloso 06-11-19 01:50 PM

Have bought a couple wheelsets and many tires from them. Recommended.

brianmcg123 06-11-19 02:22 PM

I got a set of Open Pros from them. No issues with shipping and a great deal on a good set of wheels.

insignia100 06-11-19 02:23 PM

I'm very happy with my wheel set of Velomine. The customer service was fantastic (I sent an email at 9 PM and the owner actually replied within an hour).

ksryder 06-11-19 02:26 PM

I've bought 3-4 wheelsets from them, they've been great, usually can't beat the price.

sdmc530 06-11-19 03:03 PM

Thanks all...I just fired off an email with a couple of questions. If they reply with the info I am looking for I am going to probably order from them.

phtomita 06-11-19 04:19 PM

I got a 105 5800 hub H+Son Archetype 32 spokes beginning of last year and very happy with it. Have good miles on them and no issues so far.

sdmc530 06-11-19 04:24 PM

thanks for the help all. I just got a message from them with all the info I was needed. Just placed an order. Only thing I did was upgraded to utegra hubs. Doubt I will no the difference in quality but they do look better!

Trsnrtr 06-11-19 07:14 PM

I know that I'm late to this thread, but Velomine is my semi-local Campy toy store. And other stuff, too. Service has always been top notch and the guys are very helpful.

tagaproject6 06-12-19 01:27 PM

Ordered 2 Colnago framesets, a few parts. No problems.

sdmc530 06-12-19 01:48 PM

Shipping is fast and the CS has been very responsive. Should arrive on Friday......super nice people

bikemig 06-12-19 02:08 PM

They did right by me when I had an issue with a wheelset I ordered from them. The wheels were long out of any warranty but they were low mileage and had developed a crack on the rim. They found replacement rims and gave me a decent deal on the replacements. They were very responsive. I'd buy from them again.

jamesdak 06-13-19 07:11 PM

Yep, I've always had a great experience with them. Ben is great to deal with.

I've bought handbuilts from them and they have been rock solid. In fact I just had this bike built up with a set of there wheels on it. I plan on tubulars down the road but for now their wheels are just fine on it.

riverdrifter 06-13-19 07:26 PM

I purchased a Jamis complete from them 2 months ago. Great price, fantastic communication and customer service, and SUPER fast shipping. All around a great experience, highly recommended.

Bizman 06-13-19 07:56 PM

Ditto the other good comments! I have not had them build me any wheels but they did give me a great deal on the Campy Shamal Ultra 2-way fit tubless wheels. I believe I ordered something else from them (just can't remember what it was right now) and would definitely order from them again!

sdmc530 06-14-19 07:24 PM

they arrived today, excellent! Might need some minor adjusting but its all good. Fedex beat the ever living crap out of the box but they were packed right so no issues on the inside!

Trsnrtr 06-15-19 07:10 AM

Glad you are having a good experience. :thumb:

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