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Del Sol LXI Flow 2?

Old 06-14-19, 07:22 AM
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Del Sol LXI Flow 2?

I'm looking into a new bike for my mom who just turned 70. We looked at the Del Sol LXI Flow 2 today and it was pretty nice. The thing is that I've never heard of Del Sol. Amazon doesn't carry any of their bikes and Google returns relatively limited search results. I can find no reviews anywhere. Does anyone have experience with Del Sol? Are they a solid name in the cycling industry?

Here's the bike:

Also, as a side topic, what's everyone's experience with regard to shopping for bikes in an actual dedicated bike shop as opposed to your average retail outlet like Amazon, Kohl's, Target, WalMart, etc? It seems that bike shops carry a lot of unusual and unheard-of brand names that typically can't be found in retail outlets. Schwinn is about the only exception to this that I have found.

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Old 06-16-19, 06:35 PM
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Bump from page 2. Anyone have any info on Del Sol? This is my last bump. Will just see if it gets any responses and will assume no.
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Old 06-16-19, 06:48 PM
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I have never heard of Del Sol . I can offer no opinion on it.

The quality of bikes you will find at a bike shop will generally be much better than what you will find at Walmart and similar big box stores (such bikes are often referred to on these forums as BSOs...Bicycle Shaped Objects). It all depends upon what your budget is and how often the bike is going to be ridden. Any bikes that you are thinking about buying should also be given test rides prior to purchase to see if they fit and should be carefully examined to see if they were assembled correctly. Places like Walmart are notorious for less than stellar bike assembly.
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Have never heard of the brand, either. Did you look at the bike in person or online?
A bike shop can fix problems that might be difficult to deal with for online purchases. I've never heard of Walmart or Target, etc., fixing bikes; they typically exchange defective products for new ones.
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Old 06-16-19, 09:19 PM
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Del Sol are pretty much SoCal local-- most people outside of the San Diego area won't have heard of them-- take a look at their dealer list, the furthest one is about 100 miles from their headquarters in Vista. They also only sell through brick and mortar shops, so far as I know.

My LBS used to carry them years ago, I still have a Del Sol banner hanging up in my workshop. They build a nice cruiser.
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Old 06-18-19, 12:02 AM
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It looks like another cheap bike, a bit of a clone of the old Giant Cypress, which wasn't a great bike. Certainly will be nice and heavy and shift fairly poorly but for riding once in a blue moon it is fine. If you cannot easily find info on the bike it is a good idea to avoid it.

Most bike shops of repute will sell quality brands. Schwinn hasn't been a brand of quality for a very long long long time and most other brands sold at department stores will be of similar low low quality at super high prices (in relation to their quality not in relation to actual normal pricing).

A bike shop will be able to service the bike and might offer tune ups or other services with the bike and you have an opportunity to actually ride the bike. They will also have useful knowledge to pass on and can help find a bike that will work well for your situation. Wally Mart and other box stores will be able to tell you "uhhh it's a bike I think" and when you go to purchase the bike you will walk out with it immediately in the same poor condition it was put on the floor in with nary a mechanic ever touching it. A bike shop will generally exit tune the bike where they make sure everything is good to go before it leaves and install any accessories to it.

If you are looking for a more upright bike that is reasonably lightweight and comfortable and might possibly work for your situation I would find your local Specialized dealer and try out the Roll Elite or if maybe they are having issues with hills or want to go a bit further try the electric version the Como. Take it for a test ride or in your case have your mother take it for a test ride and see if she can handle it. It has nice wide 650b tires and a very comfortable upright position but isn't a heavy tank with a quill stem and suspension forks. Specialized is quite a well known brand and they have been around since the 70s.
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