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What Kind of Injuries Are You Over Lately?

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What Kind of Injuries Are You Over Lately?

Old 07-01-19, 05:14 PM
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Still nursing some injuries from 3 weeks ago. I've done a couple of runs outside, a couple of 5k's on the treadmill and just started back on the bike, a commute last friday. Skeleton and skeletal muscles are coming along, other stuff I'm still working on.
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Old 07-02-19, 06:09 AM
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The day is still young...
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Old 07-02-19, 12:43 PM
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A couple of weekends ago, my back started acting up on me. Ended up going to a chiropractor. I have a compressed disk between the L4 and L5 vertebrae. With some special stretching exercises, I can make the pain subside quite a bit. The funny part is that it is fine when I am riding.
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Old 07-02-19, 12:48 PM
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Chronic back and left leg pain issues due to scoliosis. Probably never going to be over it. I did get at least a dozen bug bites this weekend. I hope it clears up soon before I go riding again. Some of the bites are in delicate places.
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Old 07-03-19, 04:04 AM
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I was hit by a falling tree in a wind storm, the first week of January this year. Broken collar bone, shoulder, three broken ribs, concussion, punctured lung, twisted knee badly sprained ankle. I did the bike and trainer in the cellar this winter for ten minutes at a time, then did my universal gym for another ten and just kept switching back and forth. I had planned on running 60 miles on my birthday in May, that was not going to happen. So I set the goal of doing 60 on the bike instead. I did that without a lot of effort. This weekend I am planning a trip around Seneca Lake which is 77.7 miles, according to my daughter who will be joining me. All of my injuries are pretty much healed except the ankle, torn ligaments, which they tell me will take the longest to heal. The bike has been great for getting me back, I have been working on steep hills and have really started to see improvements. I picked up a mountain bike a Knolly Endorphine and will be doing some trail riding and will set up an obstacle course in the backyard to work on the skills. I love Youtube, it has given me all sorts of knowledge and things to practice. While I normally did long distance running and the Spartan races, biking has added a new thrill to getting and staying shape
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Old 07-27-19, 09:33 PM
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I got back from a ride today and realized that it was the first time since my accident on July 2 that I completed a ride without weird popping noises and pain in my ribs. Woohoo! The wrist sprain/strain still has a bit to go, but I can live with that. Getting ready to move is not helping with that.
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Old 07-29-19, 11:04 AM
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My last injury was 7/24/13. I crashed and broke my neck. Had C1 & C2 fused. Back on the bike in Nov. of 2013 and riding ever since. I am seriously lucky.
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Old 07-29-19, 05:24 PM
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Originally Posted by jade408
For the past 12 months I have been hurting my left knee from every angle! First up, last summer I twisted my knee when tripping over an errant power cord. While I didn't fall over, I landed completely wrong. This made it difficult, but tolerable to go up stairs, and I had to curtail my walking commute and biking for the rest of the year. I had lingering pain well into November. I had to cut out my favorite workout classes due to knee instability and pain.

Then finally in December, thing were looking pretty good - I was at 75% of normal motion. And then I was on vacation in January, and we were doing a mini hike. My foot slid down a path a couple of inches and that re-aggrevated things. This time the pain was even worse. The first few days I could barely walk up the stairs - and our hotel didn't have an elevator. It was really horrible on the long flight home.

That made it impossible to bike, take the stairs, and walk more than a short distance - no long walks for me! Not only that, I ended up having some tightness in my IT band or hip flexors so I couldn't stay balanced on one leg. Putting on pants was a lot harder. I started using a chair to balance for that leg. This stuff started making me feel old. In the February or so, I was feeling around 50% and could more walking and standing without too many issues. The rain had finally slowed and I was going to start bike commuting, but my bike got stolen. Grrr. So I didn't get any of that great low impact exercise to help rebuild strength around my knee.

So finally it is mid-May and I am feeling 75%. My normal balance is back. The tightness is gone, so my range of motion is back in my hips. My new bike is almost ready. I am able to take the super scenic route on my commute and walk more. Things are pretty good. I have been taking some spin classes. Activity levels are trickling back up.

And around 2 weeks ago, I hyperextend the same left knee! Ugh, I landed wrong stepping onto a curb. And it is a new knee pain. In a different place this time. On the up note, this is healing a lot faster than the previous ones. I've been adding a brace for sleeping and occasional periods during the day, which is when my tendency to be a side sleeper can be a bit aggravating. While I was able to resume decent distance walking, standing for too long is a bit aggravating - and leaves my knee a little sore. Hopefully I am back to normal in a week or two.

This knee pain has been so irritating. I am so over it. Once things feel fully healed, I am going to dive into more knee stability exercises, particularly on this one knee because apparently it is the problem child.
Well, I finally got my knee pain under control, and the universe decided I needed a new challenge: plantar fasciitis. This is the worst thing ever. It seems like it has healed up enough then comes flaming back. On the up note, biking, provided I am wearing proper shoes, seems to be helping. And it least isn't aggravating it. And is frankly better than walking. So, there is that. But I am hoping to be able to get back to normal walking and standing soon. I have a trip to Vegas coming up in about 2 weeks, and even if you don't go anywhere, Vegas requires a ton of walking.
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Old 07-30-19, 12:21 AM
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Since my June reply to this thread I've been re-evaluated by my ortho doc and a couple of chiropractors. Turns out the old neck injury from 2001 and re-injury from being hit by a car in 2018 was worse than I'd realized. C1 and C2 are pretty buggered up, impinging on nerves and causing intermittent spasms, spikes in BP and HR and some problems with my right hand/arm dexterity and strength. Two months of physical therapy helped with my shoulder injury, but not much for the neck problems.

I should have known something was wrong. Even my more upright hybrid has been uncomfortable lately, despite messing around with the stem height, etc. Seems like my neck wants to be in one specific position, with little leeway for angle -- not too upright, not too crouched.

New chiropractor wants me to lay off the bike for awhile. Not sure I can do that, but I'll probably put away the more aggressive Trek 5900 for awhile and stick to the Centurion Ironman, which is more of a comfy bike in roadie disguise. I can raise the quill stem a bit if necessary. And I'd already put in a shorter stem to decrease reach, etc.

The Trek 5900 has a lower bar, longer reach and I'm pretty stretched out and aero, but it's painful to ride longer than my usual 20-30 mile workout routes. The few times I've tried it on 50+ mile rides this summer I've been practically immobilized with neck pain the next day. I'm not quite ready to concede to being a gimp, or to start stacking spacers. But I may need to consider moving up my plans to get a more comfortable drop bar bike from "eventually" to "now".
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Old 07-30-19, 12:21 PM
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Have ripped ligaments in each ankle necessitating a soft cast and physical therapy. Some back problems if I lift heavy - unrelated to cycling. Most recently and most problematic is my ripped plantar plate which I've posted about here before. It hurts when I bike.
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Old 07-31-19, 07:22 AM
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Stupid left knee has flared up again. I've taken many days off from riding. Last night I spun lightly at 57 gear inches on flat ground to feel out the knee. Arrrgh.
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Old 07-31-19, 05:53 PM
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Broke my arm 4 years ryding a ****ty low quality double suspension bike. I was full speed on the bike's road and as i crossed the street i missed the ramp so i went directly into the stomp board and flew over the bar. Then, use your imagination and you'll guess fastly how my injure was. My arm still hurts in wet days lol
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