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Koper95 09-18-19 02:47 AM

Best hybrid/mountain bike under 400 ?
Hello I'm looking for a hybrid bike under 400 . It has to be for city and also for mountains usage . I've noticed carrera crossfire 3 2019. This bike need to have a front suspension. Could you help me on this matter? Please let me know if you recommend any better options.

subgrade 09-18-19 03:38 AM

Looks like the Carrera Crossfire 3 is as good as you can get new for that money. The fork on it is a bit better than most hybrids in that price range, and the other specs also are decent for the price. You could probably get a better specced used bike for the same money, but if new is what you want, this is a good option.
Needless to say that if you want a good suspension fork, you'll be paying at least twice, but Suntour NRX should work fine for it's intended use (i.e. light trails, no gnarly stuff), it is two levels above their most basic hybrid suspension forks.

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