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ckolacny 10-03-19 02:43 PM

I peddle to improve my health.

delbiker1 10-03-19 03:34 PM

Because there is nothing else that gives me the same sense of child-like joy and freedom. When I am on a bicycle is when I feel most comfortable with myself, when I most have the feeling I am doing what I am supposed to be doing, when I am supposed to be doing it. Whether I am doing errands, commuting , joy riding, whatever the reason, I just plain love to ride a bicycle!

bpcyclist 10-03-19 04:15 PM

First, it's a good physical workout. I don't lift weights anymore (I'm 55 now) because I never really enjoyed it. I don't care about having prominent muscles at my stage in life. Used to run marathons and I loved it. I can't run anymore because of an injury. Swimming just isn't in the cards. So, cycling's my workout. Second, it's an efficient form of transport in my car-clogged city. I can sometimes almost beat a car to a given destination, depending on traffic. And I'm not, like, a Tour rider or anything. So, I like that about my bike. And last but probably most importantly for me, it really, really helps with my bipolar disorder. My mood can be all over the place. But when I get on my bike and head out for a ride, all that stuff just falls away. And it's just me and my bike. My thoughts aren't an issue. I'm thinking about that car or my next turn or the debris up ahead. My mood is somehow miraculously always great when I am riding, no matter how bad of a day it was. Cycling brings me joy and peace--not infrequently the only joy and peace I will have all day. I literally do not know what I would do without it.

horatio 10-03-19 04:31 PM

For fun, exercise, and some quality “alone time.” It’s also a great way to spend time with my oldest son.

pickettt 10-03-19 05:21 PM

Itís all I know.

Flip Flop Rider 10-03-19 05:51 PM

its a lifestyle choice

Montag311 10-03-19 06:00 PM

Many of the reasons others have mentioned, but yeah, this.

one4smoke 10-03-19 06:53 PM

Yes, 'all of the above' #3 .

Plus, I really get a kick out of the look on someone's face when I tell them how many miles I rode that day. ;)

MoAlpha 10-03-19 07:04 PM

‘Cause it’s too far to walk.

Metieval 10-03-19 07:05 PM

One more reason is,

because I can RIDE to where ever, generally faster than I can clean the snow and Ice off the windshield of my car.

Bassmanbob 10-03-19 07:11 PM

Cycling offers the perfect ratio of speed to effort. Walking is OK for that too, but it's too slow for me. Running's ratio is way too low... relatively slow speed for lots of effort. I'm willing to do the effort, but I don't want to stand still either, so no treadmills or stationary bikes for me either. Although I will eventually get a stationary bike for poor weather training. Fortunately, that's not too often here in southeastern Florida. Swimming would be better for me if I didn't swim like a gorilla. I could never figure out why friends could casually tread water while I was working like a dog to remain alive. I was once told by a swim coach that some people are more buoyant than others. Apparently I am not very buoyant.

And like some others have mentioned, there's the cool gear, comradery and the enjoyment of being outside.

Leebo 10-03-19 07:18 PM

Its quiets the voices in my head. I like to bike pack all over New England and get to see sights and sounds at a great pace. The smells too believe it or not. More importantly, I ride so the all the bikes in the garage don't gang up on me and beat my shins to a pulp.

Jeff of Vt 10-03-19 07:24 PM

I got back into cycling as a replacement for running that doesn't trash joints over time. I've known too many serious runners that have required knee and hip replacements. The sport they usually switched to was cycling so I guess I'm ahead of the curve. It helps that I've always hated running despite being not that bad at it but always thoroughly enjoyed cycling. It's also made for a practical and much cheaper replacement for all other recreational, money-pit vehicles(such as motorcycles and sporty cars).

mainaa471 10-03-19 08:12 PM

For exercise fun adventure and I recently moved within sight of an amazing bike path/rail trail.

Deal4Fuji 10-03-19 08:28 PM

All the above, but mostly - I like bikes. They're such efficient machines for moving people. Nothing beats riding a fast steady pace with barely a sound other than the slight humming of the chain on cogs & tires on pavement.

Hackman61 10-03-19 10:49 PM

Absolutely agree with every bit of this. Throw in high blood pressure and high LDL and thats why I ride. Being on my bike is my happy place.

ctak 10-04-19 01:48 AM

For the sake of fitness, fresh air and general sanity.

bruce19 10-04-19 06:23 AM

I ride because I learn something about myself, the bike, the terrain and the sport on every ride. Literally.

DorkDisk 10-04-19 06:45 AM

I don't have to think

DomaneS5 10-04-19 08:35 AM

Road bike: Fitness and to make rural folk cringe when they have to look at me in all of my lycra glory.

Mountain and Gravel: Fitness, peace and quiet... get away from the rat race for a few hours.

smullen 10-04-19 08:55 AM

Originally Posted by Fendertele (Post 21148609)
For exercise, fun, and getting outdoors and enjoying the scenery.

Nailed it. At least for me...

badger1 10-04-19 09:31 AM

Originally Posted by Montag311 (Post 21149199)
Many of the reasons others have mentioned, but yeah, this.

Someone should say something to those hands-off cyclists;)

Korina 10-04-19 11:05 AM

D) all of the above. Health, sanity, fun, transport. (I'd say 'cheap transport', but it's going to be a long time before my commuter pays for itself.) I have learned to love the sweat, feeling my muscles working, breathing hard, picking my line through rough pavement and debris. I love how easy it is to go from vehicle to pedestrian and back. I love going places I've never been. I love being self-reliant. I love riding my bike.

livedarklions 10-04-19 02:31 PM

It definitely beats walking the bike or carrying it.

robnol 10-04-19 03:47 PM

Originally Posted by BicycleThesis (Post 21148598)
I've been training for a triathlon, and biking is a huge part. It is one of the main reasons I have started, but I can see myself continuing after the triathalon. It is super addictive.

I ride so I can body shame the rest of fat America..... that is a lot of people....

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