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Why do you ride?

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Why do you ride?

I've been training for a triathlon, and biking is a huge part. It is one of the main reasons I have started, but I can see myself continuing after the triathalon. It is super addictive.
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For exercise, fun, and getting outdoors and enjoying the scenery.
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For fun,
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I'm cross-chained
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All of the above, and also because at 58, it's the one athletic activity I'm still getting better at. Zooming past young guys riding their ebikes cracks me up.
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Oy. Because it's silly to get into a car and drive a mile, but I'm too impatient to walk. Because it's good exercise and I feel good after riding. Because it's almost the only thing that regularly makes me feel optimistic. Because I don't believe in the healthcare system and I don't want to rely on it. Because I enjoy moving across the landscape at 12-18 miles per hour. Because riding regularly keeps me in touch with the seasons. Because I hate fossil fuels. Because it's thrilling to go significant distances under my own power. Because I don't need to talk to anyone. Because nature. Because cycling along bodies of water is mesmerizing. Because speeding down steep hills is better than Great America. Because bikes are cool machines that also please me aesthetically. Bikes are probably the best mechanical invention ever, I could go on.
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Originally Posted by Fendertele View Post
For exercise, fun, and getting outdoors and enjoying the scenery.
Same here. Will be taking another three-day tour starting next Thursday. Will mark my 34th, 35th and 36th days travelling by bike this year.

And for general transportation.
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General transportation (fastest way to get around in the city during daytime, and I hate public transport)

Fun and recreation (excellent way to enjoy the scenery, spend time outdoors, explore places)

Stress management (1-2 hour solo ride after work is a great way to clear my head)

Exercise (not my top priority when riding, but I still usually enjoy going slightly faster than would be comfortable)
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To challenge myself, to go faster or further than last time.
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I don't have time and money for a ton of separate hobbies and exercise. So, racing bikes is the exercise, the hobby, the tinkering........all rolled into one.

It used to be gym, golf, and tinker with a drag car. Was more expensive and time consuming.

I'm a strong advocate of people making exercise a hobby. It saves time and keeps you fit. Cycling, running, basketball, soccer, etc......... something fun and active.

I can't do the "go to gym, pick up things, stare at phone, pick up things again, watch **** TV, go home".
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My wife said she'll kill me if I dont' use them, given how much money I spent on them.
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Exercise, fun, and to challenge myself. Also riding helps me to clear my head, manage my diabetes (type 2), and maintain my weight.
If you see an old fat guy levitating through town with his legs pumping furiously... well don't worry there is a bicycle underneath me.
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I like food, but I have to burn it off.

I enjoy being outside in the good weather. The pace of cycling is perfect for soaking in the scenery.
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A lot of reasons. Most of which, I like the clothes !!!
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All of the above.
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I ride because I would be a fat lard sitting on the couch gaining weight as we speak if it wasn't for cycling. That and I'm addicted
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Exercise. I'm in the Navy and we have a biannual fitness test. The cardio portion can be done with a swim, bike, or run. I'm a terrible swimmer. We could do the run on a treadmill (at 1% incline) but my current command didn't have one back in 2013 and I didn't want to run outside because it can be hot and I'd rather run on a controlled environment.

So I started biking on the exercise bikes and did well enough. Come April 2019 and I wasn't in very good shape (relatively) as I'd been slacking but I got to go to Germany for training. Wow. Not only was it gorgeous in Garmisch, Germany but the cycling was great even on a mediocre rental bike. I watched a lot of GCN and returned excited about cycling so I bought a too expensive bike (Trek Domane SL5) and eventually got a bike for my wife and a turbo trainer.

The weather has been preposterously hot since June here in Georgia so I've rarely biked outside but I did manage to do my first century up in Delaware. I've mostly biked inside on Zwift (which I really enjoy). My FTP is up to 282 Watts from 240 Watts and my weight is down from 215 to 187. I'm almost at the maximum score I can get on the biking test in the Navy and if I do I'll be the only one of about 700 people at my command who ride the bike with a maximum (the scoring for the bike is absurd and really hard to max out).

So I ride for fitness, to lose weight, fit in my old dress pants (I easily fit in my 34 inch dress pants today and I haven't fit in them in years), and for fun. I would add "ride around outside" but the weather has been awful and there really aren't too many places to go to. Though we do have a Masters Road Course here on base that's a good 15 mile circuit with rolling hills.
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All of the above. Exercise, fun, outdoor activity, and many other reasons. Used to ride with my dad when I was young, so it's been in my blood for a long time. I stopped riding on roads about 7 years ago. I just find it way too dangerous now with all the distracted driving. It's a shame because I really loved it for a long time.
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All of the above.
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Originally Posted by BicycleThesis View Post
It is super addictive.

It certainly is, but you didn't mention it's also contagious.

A little over a year ago, my partner decided to get his first carbon roadie. We had ridden metal dual sports occasionally for a few years. That first serious bike purchase of over $2k was something I never thought we would allow ourselves to do. Prior to last summer, we had only ever splurged and allowed ourselves as much as $700 for a bike. Then, spending a few weeks in Bozeman, MT and getting a taste of a serious cycling culture must have flipped a switch.

He bought a Domane SL5 and developed a serious compulsion to ride. It didn't take long and I felt the itch, one which my local bike shop was *only too happy* to scratch by offering me a hell of a deal on the outgoing 2018 Domane SL8, at merely twice the price of his SL5! Yeah, that went over well.

It has been history since. We have gotten a couple of our colleagues hooked and they've bought their own nice roadies, and our local community has started hosting a weekly Saturday morning ride sponsored by the bike shop. My area isn't huge for cycling, but it's getting better and I'm glad to be part of helping people make healthy decisions.

Just last weekend I rode in my first huge event, completing the metric 100km in the Big Dam Bridge 100 and I loved it! I am also finding myself watching more and more GCN videos when I'm not riding and fantasizing about my first actual competitive event.
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To get from place A to place B and then back to A. Sometimes with a detour via C and D. And because i like chocolate .
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I could echo many of the reasons listed above, and they all would mostly apply to me.

But let's face it, I am vain and I ride because at 63, riding makes my shaved legs look incredibly sexy.
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I like how my legs feel afterwards
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A bike is a relatively inexpensive way to experience life that rewards sweat equity.

The more I climb, the better the scenery, the better I feel.
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What they said. Plus, I like beer and I don't like being fat, so gotta keep moving (used to be 270+lbs, never going back).
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well hello there
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I do it for the exercise, comrodery and for the fun of it.

Two wheels good. Four wheels bad.
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