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Kalamae 07-02-05 06:12 PM

Did I buy the right size bike?
The other day I purchased the Tommaso TR 300 2006. The bike that I'll use ofr sport. I haven't recieved it in the mail yet but I'm questioning wheather or not I bought the right size. I'm 6'1.5 my leg length is 35" inches and my top tube measurement is 58.2". I bought the 61cm and I'm wondering if it would've been smarter to purchase the 58 cm. Here are the bike measurement specs:


top-tube 58.5

standover height 32.5



top-tube 57

standover height 31.5

which one will fit. if both which is better. I made the choice based on the fact that i'm nineteen and i might still grow an inch or 2.

halfspeed 07-02-05 06:19 PM

There's no way anyone here can give you a definitive answer based on that. Both sizes are within a sensible range for you but, the only way to tell what you need is to ride some bikes and find out what you like.

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