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RHZ 07-02-05 11:41 PM

how to speed up a TREK 7300FX (thinner tires?)

After a test ride and a significant amount of research, I'm strongly considering buying a TREK 7300FX. It certainly appears to have much of what I'm looking for in a hybrid. The only issue is that it seemed a bit slower than some of the other (albeit more expensive) "road oriented" hybrid bikes I test rode. Aside from ensuring that the tires are inflated to 80psi, what can be done to make this bike a little faster? Would switching out the tires to something a bit narrower help?

Are there any 7300FX owners out there who have successfully dealt with this issue?



stumpjumper 07-03-05 03:48 AM


Originally Posted by RHZ
(thinner tires?)

bigger quads! :D

Kabloink 07-03-05 07:47 AM

If you are going to ride only on pavement, replace the current tires with 28mm road tires(slicks). Actually, slicks at any width will improve your speed on pavement over the heavily treaded tires that come on the hybrids.

Retro Grouch 07-03-05 09:41 AM

If you're serious about riding faster, improving your position on the bike is where the big money is. Everything else, in comparison, is small potatoes.

Bikewer 07-03-05 11:59 AM

On a hybrid, you're limited to a rather un-aerodynamic upright position. So, best to do is decrease rolling resistance like the guys say.

If you want to go fast, get a roadster. Many who are new to cycling find the skinny-tire, drop-bar, skinny seat bikes to be somewhat intimidating, but proper fit and technique remove discomfort for nearly everyone.

RonH 07-03-05 04:57 PM

You might want to ask the folks in the Recreational & Family forum about the 7300FX.

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