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jgwilliams 12-10-19 12:43 PM

At last, a cool use for Strava
A cyclist has taken nine hours to pedal a route in the shape of a reindeer.

caloso 12-10-19 12:53 PM

That's awesome. There's a cyclist in SF (actually used to be an active poster on BF) who has done quite a few pieces of Strava art. His twitter avatar is one he did for the Giants when they were in the World Series.

Flip Flop Rider 12-10-19 02:12 PM

love it..dumb question because I don't do strava but is that 1 ride or multiples?

caloso 12-10-19 02:19 PM

Pretty sure it is one ride. You can manipulate the GPS trace by turning your Garmin on and off -- the trace will show a straight line in between those two points, but I imagine it's more fun to map it out on the road.

FlMTNdude 12-11-19 05:48 AM

Ah, the full on assault by xmas has hit Bike Forums.

MikeyMK 12-11-19 07:00 AM

I've done rude ones. People who saw the penis can't un-see it now when they look at a map of the town - it was like four miles long with a half-mile diameter nut sack.

jgwilliams 12-11-19 07:34 AM

Yes, I think that was one ride. I read elsewhere that it took him nine hours to do (I think I remembered that right. It might have been seven hours).

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