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robalong 12-20-19 03:21 PM

Custom lamps system with detachable battery box

I've been looking at bike lighting systems on the web, from the new-fangled contactless 'dynamos', through LED and vintage. For my needs, fixed old-fashioned switched battery lamps will suffice.

I'm thinking of rewiring the front and rear lamps so that all the wiring comes together at a discreet and removable under-saddle battery box. This would contain two pairs of rechargeable batteries with a switch to change between the two pairs. When one pair dies, I simply click to connect to the other pair. The lighting is for 'being seen' rather than 'seeing' purposes (city street riding), so I think a pair of batteries would be enough to power both lamps.The battery box would come off for recharging, so a simple plug and socket would be required.

I like this idea, but...feeding the wires through the frame so that as little wiring as possible is visible? So far, I've thought of feeding thin wire through the frame and somehow catching it and pulling it through small drilled holes with wubbewy grommets. Yeah..."somehow" :foo:. Anyone done this kind of custom wiring? Any tips?


dedhed 12-20-19 03:50 PM

Koyote 12-21-19 08:10 AM

robalong , you might ask a moderator to move this thread to the Electronics and Lighting subforum. You might get more responses there.

jgwilliams 12-23-19 04:34 AM

Well, each to their own, of course. But nowadays there are so many really good, completely self-contained, rechargeable lights that will go for hours between charges that what you are proposing seems like a lot of work for no appreciable gain. If you were thinking about really powerful lights for seeing with it might be another matter. My Cateye Rapid rear light runs for two weeks or more of my commute, amounting to around 10 hours per week. My front light is a very beefy one so only does two days but I'm sure you could find a front 'flasher' that would last a similar time and be almost as compact as the Rapid.

If you're determined to go ahead with your scheme there are some very neat solutions for that too. One I've seen involves feeding cable up the steerer tube and replacing the cap on the steerer with one that includes a USB socket, so you plug your light into the USB socket. I guess it's probably designed for a dynamo as feeding a cable from the saddle would involve going down through the bottom bracket and then coming out under the down tube. Very hidden, though.

indyfabz 12-23-19 06:19 AM

I feel it's my civic duty to elaborate on the above. This is a mere 500 lumens in total darkness on a wooded trail. USB rechargeable. Lasts for an extremely long time on flash mode. Also has two steady brightnesses. The giant porcupine heading towards me just before I snapped the photo was able to see me and veer off into the woods.

Buzzkill53120 12-25-19 05:33 PM

Looking at the web site, it lacks any electrical details/specifications that one would help determine its suitability for OP's plan for battery charging. The lamp and "dynamo" are integrated. Attempting to tap into one of these units to run wires and reworking the case to be weatherproof again would be very difficult without possibly ruining the unit.

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