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KingTermite 07-05-05 01:06 PM

I have not really used my bike tool much previous to today? I am finally getting more into this sport and was spending some time playing with, cleaning and tweaking my bike today.

I had bought some new water bottle racks as one of mine was loose, and in just that operation the appropriate sized hex tool seems to have worn down enough that after the first, it was slipping and unable to do the 2nd one (thankfully an American sized hex wrench was able to fit it well enough to do the job).

I would like to get a better bike tool (that has all needed tools). One small enough to fit in my bike bag of course.

Can anybody recommend a good one? Quality one that won't wear down like that one did. that you've used...not just one you found oneline that looks cool.

ngateguy 07-05-05 01:45 PM

I really like my Topeak Alien tool available at most bike shops.

Retro Grouch 07-05-05 02:27 PM

That's the downside of multi tools. Allen wrenches wear out. If you've got individual tools, you just have to replace one allen wrench and you don't have to carry around the tools that you never use.

Stubacca 07-05-05 02:44 PM

I use a Crank Brothers Multi 17 that has everything I need. The hex wrenches seem pretty strong - no problem tightening cleat bolts and saddle adjustments etc.

That being said, I try not to use it unless I have to - it's really only for emergency repairs on the road. Grab a set of hex wrenches and screwdrivers for use at home. I bought a kit of Stanley brand hex wrenches a while back - have used them extensively with no wear problems.

duane041 07-05-05 09:06 PM

Most Allen wrenches only get rounded off from improper use. Unless they are of questionable quality.

Siu Blue Wind 07-05-05 09:51 PM

Hey Nav-bro!

Have you considered that maybe you're just a wee bit too strong for that poor little hex key? ;)

froze 07-05-05 11:42 PM

I like and use the Park MTB3; it has very high quality hardened steel tools which still have no signs of wear. BUT I also carry a Leatherman like folding miniature pliers by Eddie Baur (sp?) from Target for $12. AND I carry tire irons because the levers on the MTB3 are too wide for road tires (but I use this tool on my mtb anyways); along those lines I also carry the Quik Stik that enables very rapid removal of the tire bead.

KingTermite 07-06-05 06:09 AM


Originally Posted by Siu Blue Wind
Hey Nav-bro!

Have you considered that maybe you're just a wee bit too strong for that poor little hex key? ;)

LOL....Hey Nav sis. :)

Maybe with the help of the lever principle....It was an awkward angle. I can't possibly be as strong as you throwing 70 lb. freight. ;) :D

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