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MadoneSLR 02-08-20 10:03 AM

Issue with SIDI road shoes
Hi, I purchased a pair of white SIDI Carbon 2 shoes just over six months ago. Very soon after purchase, the plastic uppers started to develop patches of discoloration. This has progressed to the point now where patches are visible on all sides of the uppers on both shoes. Given their price (~EUR400), I've always ensured that they are ventilated naturally after use and wear neoprene overshoes in wet weather. Has anyone else had similar issues?

sdmc530 02-08-20 12:50 PM

I would contact SIDI, I am sure they will take care of you.

George 02-08-20 12:58 PM

I’ve got the Kaos and no problem at all. I would do like post number 2 said.

bpcyclist 02-08-20 04:52 PM

Mine are two years old and no issues. Definitely contact them.

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