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Jacobino 07-05-05 09:34 PM

Bike Entrepreneurs
Now that fossil fuels are really running out, bikes are going to become more popular, more important, and more widely used. This is a great opportunity for bike-lovers to shape the future, and maybe even get rich in the process.

Any creative ideas on new inventions, or new services for bikes/bikers? Here are a few ideas, free for the taking:

A private bike tollway for fast commutes. It was done once before; here's a link:

Service stations for bikes. Places along main roads where they could quickly fix a flat, true a wheel, pump a tire, or adjust brake cables. Good food, better than the 7-11 junk we have to put up with.

Private bike campgrounds. Something like the hiker-biker state park campgrounds you see today, but fully catering to cyclists. Think good, rich food; excellent laundry facilities; showers with high water pressure; massage therapists...

A type of rack or bag that you could use to carry a business suit on a bike, for white-collar bike commuters.

A bike that goes on water. (Not those sluggish paddle boats you rent in parks, but something fast and sleek that runs on your own power)

Bike-specialized travel agencies (you ride a fully loaded bike to the airport, where the agency has pre-arranged for the bike to be packed and put on the plane--oops! No fossil fuels maybe means no planes--and all the fees, customs, etc. are taken care of)

"Tribrids." A vehicle that combines solar power, pedaling, and some kind of stored energy to generate more speed and power, making it possible to haul a huge load or carry passengers, or go for a long distance without exhausting yourself.

"Spot" rentals for bikes-they already have something like this in parts of Europe, which works like the carts at the airport. You put some money in (or swipe a card) and a bike is unlocked from a rack, for you to use as long as you wish. When your done, you return it to a rack in another location, and you get part of your money back.

Endless possibilites for designing new bikes and bike gear, not to mention all kind of books, videos, sporting events, and entertainment.

I've got a few ideas of my own that I'm already working on. Why not find a way to make a good living with something you love?

khuon 07-05-05 09:43 PM

Most of these services and bike designs are already in existance. ;) That said, there's always room for improvement and new approaches.

Cyclaholic 07-06-05 01:41 AM

I see where you're coming from. Keep thinking laterally, extrapolate on what's out there and hopefully you'll hit the jackpot.

I think that once the oil party is over there is going to be a huge uptake of human powered/electric hybrid ultralight vehichles, but it will be a generational change - they'll be popular with the post-oil generation that will never know gasoline power. Much like today's teenagers don't miss vynil records (rember those?) because they grew up with cd's and i-pods.

I can see the personal transport vehichle of the post-oil future being a very aerodynamically efficient and light monocoque shell of carbon fiber/kevlar in a recumbent tricycle configuration with the top surface being covered in very efficient photovoltaic cells topping up very energy dense batteries (lithium ion polymer?), and an energy recovery braking & downhill coasting system, smart GPS navigation onboard showing the most energy efficient route between you and your destination - linked in with real time traffic density information. An onboard computer to manage your power, with electric assist kicking in up hills, maybe even monitoring your bio signs and providing feedback as to the state of the engine (you). Sounds pretty cool, eh :D

larue 07-06-05 07:34 AM

How about a bike hooked up to transport passengers in a sort of cab thing. I think we could call it the pedicab.....

pedex 07-06-05 08:11 AM


Originally Posted by larue
How about a bike hooked up to transport passengers in a sort of cab thing. I think we could call it the pedicab.....


skiahh 07-06-05 09:53 AM


Originally Posted by Jacobino
Now that fossil fuels are really running out

I admire your initiative on this one, but we're a long ways from fossil fuels running out yet. Our current problem - at least in the US - is a lack of refining capacity. There is increased competition from China and India and, in the long term, probably not enough oil to go around. But for now - as in the near and probably mid-term - I don't think you'll see a move away from cars; just from SUVs to more fuel efficient cars. And by the time it gets really critical, you'll see other fuel sources become more affordable (compared to dwindling oil) and feasible.

I'd love to see more cities become bike friendly with bike only streets and areas. Rural areas, however, I'm not sure how that's going to work....

Guest 07-06-05 10:22 AM

A bike roadway would be nice, but I bet you good money that it would turn into a MUP, and between dogwalkers, mommies with strollers, rollerbladers, and everything else in between, it would be a pain to ride and not worth it. And again, bikes would lose out.


WJ13US 07-06-05 10:32 AM

Two words ...."fuel cells"

babaluey 07-06-05 02:12 PM

People are thinking:

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