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Toespeas 05-26-20 03:55 AM

Rear mech hangar extender
Hi could I get some thoughts on running a rear mech hanger extender, I'm going to build up my traditional road bike with an 11/38 , I have a medium cage so I might need to extend ..?

dedhed 05-26-20 05:39 AM

The extender doesn't change the chain wrap capacity of the RD

Toespeas 05-26-20 12:25 PM

Originally Posted by dedhed (Post 21497453)
The extender doesn't change the chain wrap capacity of the RD

that's part I don't get ? I think my mech is for a 32 and I have a 38 i think ,🤔

hillyman 05-26-20 02:10 PM

I'm sure the answer is coming. Then 15 replys on how they are wrong.

tornado60 05-26-20 02:14 PM

Might want to ask this in the mechanics thread too.

dedhed 05-26-20 02:15 PM

Barry2 05-27-20 03:43 PM

You might like to read this


woodcraft 05-27-20 11:12 PM

It should work fine if you have 50t chainring, & probably OK for 52t.

At worst a little slack in small/small position. Not a big gamble to try it for $20.

I use one for 11/34 & short cage RD.

Toespeas 05-28-20 04:34 AM

i have a 11-36 , and a sram rival mid cage !

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