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Mechoption 07-09-05 02:55 PM

How long for an unlocked bike in Saskatoon ??
I had a real junker (no name road/mtb cross thingy) of a bike that I got free and now wanted to get rid of. I decided to stop locking it and see how long it would last in Saskatoon, Saskactchewan, Canada. The idea was to always place it in designated bike racks and see how long I could go.

The answer....

TWO days !!! Wasn't waiting for me on the morning of the third day :( Was left in the bike rike for my Apt. block

That was last summer, and now just recently I think I saw it again locked in a bike rack ! Although it's had a real lame a$$ paint job done to it to change it's colour ----> Must have gone through a chop shop! lol !

bobo35 07-09-05 04:07 PM

uMm...? Next time use a bike lock. No need to encourage a thief or start someone in the habit. IMHO. Steveo

Gordon P 07-09-05 06:20 PM

My ex-girlfriend told me how she accidentally left her bike, unlocked, outside of her mothers apartment complex in Bergen, Norway while she went travelling overseas. It stayed there for 6 months! Finally the building superintendent moved it away!

A friend of mine told me how his bike way grabbed on Portage and Toronto St. in Winnipeg, Manitoba and how he would see this 10 year old riding it around the Westend once in a while. The funniest thing, he said, the bike was missing a crank arm!

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