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Scorpion_89 07-09-05 05:50 PM

bmx or moutain biking?
hey guys i really want to get into somthing with a bicycle, im 15 and 6'1" i like bmx because it looks awsome and really REALLY fun but i dont know if im too tall and if its too late to start, i want to moutain bike cuz i love the excerise it gives you and i like being outdoors and the rush you get going down a huge hill dodging the rocks etc so what are your thoughts about what i should do and which bike and price. i live in southern utah so you guys know

Brian 07-09-05 08:27 PM

You didn't give a budget, but I'd be looking into a dirt jump or "DJ" type MTB. You'd have gears for longer rides, plenty of durability for jumping, and a big enough bike to be comfortable. A BMX would limit you in a lot of ways, but would be pretty cheap as a starter bike.

Scorpion_89 07-09-05 09:43 PM

sorry about the budjet i think i need about a 250 dollars u.s or lower since im only 15 ^^

Brian 07-09-05 10:40 PM

Oh. You need to consider a used MTB then. You'll get much more bang for your buck. Otherwise, you can still get a decent BMX. You're young, so you should be able to pedal a single speed around all day. You'll build great fitness that way.

Scorpion_89 07-10-05 12:50 AM

is there a bike that can be used for both mt. biking and dirt jumping? if so whats the price and links to the site or brand name, and im using bicycling to lose some weight and gain some muscle so i can hike the grand canyon next june

Brian 07-10-05 12:54 AM

Best advice is to check the MTB threads, and maybe post there, asking about dirt jump bikes. You'll need a burly MTB for jumping. You can take a BMX just about anywhere, but you'll be very limited by the single speed when it comes to hills.

Scorpion_89 07-10-05 01:07 AM

well now that i think of it i think i will just buy a $250 MTB (after i find out which is best for DJ's) and then for about $50 ill fix up my old huffy bike to just go around and cruise the streets with friends.

Brian 07-10-05 01:10 AM

You can't really just jump any old MTB. Something will break pretty quick. But if you're just playing around on the trails, you should be able to get a decent used MTB that's good for a beginner.

chris_pnoy 07-10-05 08:43 AM

get a low end mountain bike. you can do stunts on it, and you'll be able to ride it longer. try to get something with a lower center of gravity, a lower top tube would be nice. A freeride bike would be great for you.

Scorpion_89 07-11-05 08:45 PM

any brands you could give me? prices also and where to get them

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