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Toki 07-10-05 09:37 AM

Places selling used Bikes in SoCal?
A relative is in town for a few weeks and I live a few miles from the beach so I thought I would find him a cheap ride that he can use to get down to the water and make side trips around town. I checked out a few thrift shops on the Westside and did not come up with much. Any recommendations? Used stores? Pawn shops? A real bike shop that sells used bikes (not vintage) would be nice, too, but I don't know of any.

Just thought I would ask around before I let him take one of my "children" (ie., one of MY bikes) out on any unsupervised trips. :eek:

- Jeff

Surferbruce 07-10-05 09:56 AM

i'd see whats on craigslist. there is a used bike place on ocean park bl. in s.m. i haven't checked out yet but i see their ads on craigslist occasionally. there's also the co-op Bicycle Kitchen in downtown

GP 07-10-05 12:24 PM

This is precisely why I keep the old swap meet junker in the side yard. I take it out 1-2 times per summer, oil the chain and ride it around the neighborhood. I just wish my wife would quit selling my designated loaner bikes at her garage sales. Or at least give me the money.

I'll second the craigslist suggestion.

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