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How many wear eye protection when out on your ride?

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How many wear eye protection when out on your ride?

Old 08-19-20, 06:53 AM
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I wear safety glasses from Harbor Freight.
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Old 08-19-20, 07:04 AM
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Always, clear lenses in the dark, amber or full tint depending on the light at other times. With the amount of rocks/bugs that have bounced off my sunglasses, I can't imagine ever riding without eye protection.
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Old 08-19-20, 08:19 PM
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wearing eye protection is more then just keeping bugs and dirt out, or filtering out the UV stuff, it's about preventing your eyes from drying out as you ride which will make your eyes water, which you would think that would lubricate them again, ehh, but it make your vision blurry and your eyes painful. Of course there is also rain that needs to be kept away from the eyes.
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Old 08-20-20, 12:49 PM
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I recommend eye protection on any ride. Back around 1986 or 1987 I was riding very fast across a high level bridge when a big bug hit my sunglasses with such force that it cracked my lens. Had I not been wearing those sunglasses I most likely would have suffered a severe eye injury. FOr me, me eyesight is far to precious to take a chance with.

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Old 08-20-20, 10:14 PM
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I just bought a few pairs of these at $1.80...


a polycarbonate lens they say it provides 99% UVA/B/C protection and wraparound seems like worth a try for cloudy sunless fall rides coming up.
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Old 08-21-20, 05:34 AM
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Always. Dark glasses during the day to keep sun, dust and road debris out of my eyes. Clear/yellow in dark hours to keep road debris out. I ride the highway, both commuting and pleasure, so always a wayward rock being thrown.
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Old 08-21-20, 06:31 AM
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I always protect my corneas. That means safety glasses when I operate any motorized tool. Safety glasses in other settings when the likelihood of any object flying into my face is even remote. Riding a bike is, of course, one of these activities.

Can you imagine a car enthusiast discussion where the topic of "do you wear seatbelts when you drive" comes up? Neither can I...
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Old 08-21-20, 06:52 AM
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All day, every day. Clear lenses at night, and I have two shades for daytime. Regular tint for morning/evening or if it's really cloudy and a set of shade 5 welding glasses for full sunny days. My photophobia is the reason for the welding glasses. Regular sunglasses don't cut it in full sunshine. Within an hour I'll have a killer headache from eye strain.

Over the years I had too many close calls with stuff flung from the front tire, passing cars or even just **** falling/flying in the air.
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Old 08-21-20, 07:04 AM
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Originally Posted by hillyman View Post
Hope your right. Finally found a pair photochromatic with bifocal readers from NZ in Australia. Anxious when I get home about the 31st to give him a shot. Your posts about how great PC glasses are finally made me shell out the $200 although I know not the same brand is yours
I'm not sure if they sell them in your area, but I have Tifosi photochromic sunglasses with bifocals ... worth every penny. I got them specifically for night-to-day-to-night races like The DAMn

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Old 08-21-20, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Hypno Toad View Post
I'm not sure if they sell them in your area, but I have Tifosi photochromic sunglasses with bifocals ... worth every penny. I got them specifically for night-to-day-to-night races like The DAMn

That would have saved me a lot of money but already ordered BZs. Oh well. Thanks for future needs or somebody else looking for.

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Old 08-21-20, 11:23 AM
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Originally Posted by GlennR View Post
Always.. I have photo chromatic lens that go from very dark to clear so i always have the "right" glasses on.
I have some too, but I found they don't change much. They do have my prescription in an insert.
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Old 08-22-20, 09:30 PM
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Originally Posted by SpeedyBlueBiker View Post
I for one am always concerned about protecting my eyes while riding. Not only from UV rays but also from Bugs, bees, flies and any other flying objects while I'm out riding. Riding along at 18 to 21mph and getting hit by a flying insect/bug/bee is not my idea of fun. I've been hit numerous times on the face and they do sting a bit. It just makes me glad that I wore my sunglasses or if it's dark and gray my clear glasses. In addition, if you get caught out in a rain shower/storm it's nice to have something covering your eyes.

I always wear sunglasses. So many damn blind bugs out there.
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Old 08-22-20, 10:00 PM
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Laughed out loud at the guy that said he wears sunglasses, but never thought about the protection part. So, "cool factor?"

Not to mention the fella that doesn't wear them at all because he likes "feeling connected."
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Old 08-22-20, 10:37 PM
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Always. I've had way to many bugs hit me in the face to not leave the house with my sunnies. Heck, I've been hit in the face by rocks while riding in pace lines. Much to dangerous for me to leave the house without glasses on.
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Old 08-23-20, 11:39 PM
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I've been wearing clear safety glasses in rain/clouds/night and darkened UV safety glasses for years. I never ride without them.

I was the victim of a hit-and-run, struck by a pickup from behind, and the impact gave me a black eye and a forehead gash(among other things). The safety glasses frame broke in the crash, but the lenses were still intact.

And like others, I appreciate the bug screen, wind shield, and other benefits. I'd rather not have rock chips, gravel, shrapnel, or what have you hit my eyes.
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Old 08-24-20, 11:39 AM
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There are only two kinds of riders. Those who always do wear eye protection, and those that just haven't had a serious bug in the eye problem yet. Ride enough miles and eventually everyone learns.
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Old 08-24-20, 11:58 AM
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For the safety of your eyes, you absolutely need to wear eye protection. Too many chance of a passing car throwing up rocks and trash, and flying insects hitting you in the eye.
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Old 08-24-20, 12:01 PM
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I'd like to see eye protection made mandatory, and loosen the rules on head protection.

If you choose to not wear a helmet, then fall and break your head, that's on you. But if you choose to not wear eye protection, then get stung in the eye by a bee, and likely swerve and crash head-on into me, well now you're affecting me.

Wear eye protection, ALWAYS.
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Old 08-24-20, 12:19 PM
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Always. Since the late 1970's. And IF I could only wear a helmet OR glasses, I'd pick the glasses - the glasses are needed on every ride, while a helmet is needed, well hopefully never.
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Old 08-24-20, 12:39 PM
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I am a fan of eye protection, even though it helps that I can't see a thing without my glasses. The number of bugs that find their way into my face area (I always know summer is here when I inhale my first mosquito) makes me think a cyclist must be mad to ride without eye protection.
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Old 08-24-20, 12:47 PM
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I ware glasses or goggles. Depends on the type of ride.

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Old 08-24-20, 01:00 PM
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Until 20 years ago, I never gave this a thought because I've worn prescription eyeglasses since age 7. I got tired of not being able to read the 2" high numbers on the digital clock 3' away on the nightstand... I was -5.75/-5.50. Blind as a bat without my glasses. Yeah, I could focus on the hairs on my nose, but I couldn't see past about ten inches away...

At age 43 I underwent LASIK correction.

Things I had taken for granted for the previous 35 years went out the window. Working under the (rustbelt) cars without having stuff drop in my eyes. Riding a bike without getting bugs in the eye... etc... Now I have to wear some sort of eye protection. Safety glasses when working on the cars (bifocal safety glasses now that I'm over 62! ), and either clear- or yellow glasses on cloudy days or polarized brown lenses in sunlight.

The Lasik was 20 years ago, and I still test out to 20/20. BUT as I get older I need 'readers' for close work. I consider that to be a more than fair trade-off!!!
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Plus or minus a few others from time-to-time

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Always wear safety glasses (now with built in readers). Have a few tinted and clear. Many options on Amazon for less than $15
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Old 08-24-20, 03:41 PM
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Always. I have the Smith Pivlock and Ruckus with clear and tinted lenses. I have been using the photochromatic on the Ruckus, but I dont think I would use them for anything other than low light as they dont get very dark. I pulled them down for a few seconds to clear the fog riding this morning and went through a gnat swarm. Took me 5 minutes digging under my eyelid in the shower to get one out (and I hate going near my eyes with things!) Ill live with the fog next time.

What are you guys using for RX glasses? Now that my ride is 5-7AM, Im noticing I could really use them. However, I havent found any that are well integrated into a pair of glasses. My 'lifestyle' RX sunglasses dont look any different than a normal lens, however the sports ones always seem like a glued on piece.
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