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adlai 10-01-20 08:41 AM

SRAM front derailleur pull any different?
My bike frame has a braze on. I'm thinking of installing an ADVENT system in the rear with a double in the front. Only mountain braze on FD I can find is SRAM X7. Probably just do a bar end for the FD.

It would be 46/30 front to 11-42 rear.

c_m_shooter 10-01-20 10:06 AM

It should be fine. Even if the pull ratio is a little different, you are only running a double and bar end shifters pull a lot of cable.

adlai 10-01-20 10:29 AM

How about the chain issues? how many links would a 46/30 front to 11-42 rear require?

dsaul 10-01-20 11:57 AM

The Advent 2x9 rear derailleur has a capacity of 47t, so you will have enough capacity for the 46/30 front the 11/42 rear. The 1x9 rear derailleur only has a capacity of 41t and is not designed for the extra capacity needed for a double front chainring. As far as the chain length, that depends on the length of the chainstays on your bike, but any standard 116 link chain should be long enough.

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