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MadCat 02-23-01 06:34 AM

I read this article this morning about the transit strike in Calgary that started yesterday...
In an attempt to get people to use alternative means of transportation, "the city has a contingency plan that includes clearing bike paths of snow and ice." I had to laugh at that one. I always wondered what it took to get a city to do that. It reminds me of all the bicycle routes in cities like Regina Saskatchewan that become dumping grounds for snow in winter.
All I can say is, I really hope there's a huge turnout for Critical Mass in Calgary this afternoon. It would be perfect Timeing.

Rich 02-23-01 09:33 AM

Hi there,

we experienced the same problem in London (UK) when they had the severe weather problems in the earlier part of the winter.

Although not as extreme as Canada, bike paths aren't too great in London, but there are an increasing number being opened fingers crossed eh.

It's a shame that it takes something like a strike to get the bike paths cleaned up though.

Here's to them being snow/ice free soon........;)

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