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Markie20 11-09-20 12:16 PM

Looking for advice
Where might I find a front chain guard that measures 3.125" adjacent distance. Don't have a diagonal distance. Its for a Giant Iguana....23" frame.

Phil_gretz 11-09-20 12:26 PM

Do you mean a chain guard to mount outside the outer chainring and protect your pants? Or do you mean a bash guard to remove and replace an outer chainring?

What is the crankset?

Markie20 11-09-20 01:18 PM

Chain guard
chain guard to mount outside the outer chainring. I have a photo but it won't let me attach.

Troul 11-09-20 02:16 PM

not sure what to recommend, but try searching "bash guard" for the crank model that you have.

Phil_gretz 11-09-20 02:39 PM

You need to know the bolt circle diameter (BCD) for your particular crankset. Next, you'll need longer crank bolts (four or five of them), to account for the additional thickness of the guard. It's not that hard. What is the crankset?

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