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TiHabanero 11-09-20 03:42 PM

Brooks saddle completely changed all other touch points
Put a Brooks Pro Select on the touring rig and had to change stem, stem height, saddle fore/aft position, etc. Really affected everything with my fit. Had a Sella Italia Turbo saddle on it, a saddle I have used for decades. The Pro saddle changed everything. Good thing is the bike is dialed and the comfort level is the same as the Turbo saddle. An all day affair!

pdlamb 11-09-20 03:46 PM

Saddle height and fore/aft position I can understand. But why did changing your saddle drive you to change stem and bar height??

wgscott 11-09-20 03:48 PM

The saddle sits higher on the rails. Did you lower the seatpost?

delbiker1 11-09-20 03:50 PM

I went through that with a Brooks B17 narrow. I think they have a higher profile than saddles such as Selle Italia. Unfortunately, with the Brooks, I never got a set up where I was comfortable for more than an hour. It now sits in one of my bike stuff drawers. I thought I had it sold a couple of times, but did not work out.

TiHabanero 11-09-20 05:39 PM

I have ridden two other Pro saddles and one B17N so I am familiar with the fit and feel. For some reason everything changed with this one. The touring frame is significantly different from any other bike I have with much more relaxed frame angles, and I specifically designed it to properly support a Brooks saddle in the middle of the rails, not slammed fore or aft like most people run them on modern frames.
Yes, the post was dropped about 10mm, that was the etc. part of that sentence. Regardless of what changed, it is a perfect fit and simply comfortable like the Turbo saddle. I was just surprised when I did this because the C17 saddle I tried did not require these changes. Too bad it was too wide for my liking because that was very comfy! Fortunately the Pro Select came into my possession as NOS and was given to me by a friend. Is the B17N even offered any more?

SurferRosa 11-09-20 05:39 PM

I don't quite understand needing to change the stem entirely, but I've been there with the need to alter the height of the seatpost and current stem. It can take a while to get it dialed-in.

wgscott 11-09-20 09:54 PM

I finally figured out my B17 (which is comfortable, fits nicely, and has copper rivets) was a wee bit too wide. I put on a Berthoud Aspin, which is narrower in profile, and it did require some other adjustments (and I am still not convinced I have it right after almost a year).

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