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Writing a bicycle guide for my sister

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Writing a bicycle guide for my sister

Old 11-17-20, 06:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Mojo31 View Post
My wife was really upset that I wanted to buy a bike that cost over $1k earlier this year saying that was way too much money. Until she found out it came in purple and was in stock locally. She now owns 2 purple bikes, both bought in the last six months. Purple is good. It frees me to do some things.
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Old 11-17-20, 06:38 PM
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Have her get some version of the Cannondale Quick and be done with it.
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Old 11-17-20, 07:13 PM
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I'm going to go with..this was a total waste of time, unless she asked you for a (sort of) technical manual and she's reasonably fluent in what that may mean.

If she didn't ask you..then "mansplaining" is usually returned at the net.

I've known and know a good number of women riders. I've found "new" bikes for several of them. Some are casual riders and some ride very well. Not one of them is interested in the technical aspects of bikes beyond a very superficial level...with the exception of my GF who has a little more in-depth interest. None will fix a flat.

What the women I've known (and know) want is a nice bike in white or blue..or purple. Or whatever color is comes in if it's used(or new) as long as it's good and fits their needs.

If she's asked for your help, then use your knowledge to convert what she wants in a bike into good makes/models she can buy. Explain why you chose each one and then let her figure out which one she wants.

If she hasn't asked for your help..then let her buy what she wants, or a salesperson sells her, and if it doesn't go well, maybe she'll ask you for help..or not.
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Old 11-17-20, 07:37 PM
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A few months ago you asked about bike attributes that might be good for your sister. In that thread I think you mentioned something about racks so she could go to the store.

There is nothing wrong with your list as a source for general information but not something specific to what she may be looking for. You probably have a good idea what type of bike would be good for her. And you know her budget. Information about carbon fiber 105 road bikes is no help if she is looking for a $700 flat bar hybrid.

The biggest issue is to find out how she wants to use the bike and then tailor any information to help with that decision. You obviously know enough about bikes to guide her to what would be good choices for her.

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Old 11-17-20, 09:29 PM
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Originally Posted by hybridbkrdr View Post
OK, I understand not everyone is going to agree with my ideas. But I figured I'd try to give my sister at least some ideas on what she can choose, not just my personal opinions. Would you like to add anything to this list?
Do you hate your sister?

Too much fussy information.

None of this is going to make much sense to her and just complicates things unnecessarily.

Does she have an unlimited budget?
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Old 11-17-20, 09:55 PM
Russ Roth
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Originally Posted by veganbikes View Post
I want to respond to so much of this but SPOKE PROTECTERS ARE SILLY. Just adjust your limit screws properly, maintain your bike and the derailleur won't be able to move that far unless you get into a crash and you will have worse things to worry about than a plastic disc on the back. Also Aluminum isn't lighter unless it is. Any frame material can be heavy or light depending on how it is built and quality of materials. Also no titanium...
My youngest knocked over his sister's bike in the parking lot before a MTB ride today and I was busy getting bikes off the car and didn't pay attention. Guess who's dork disc kept me from replacing a rear der, hanger and some spokes. She didn't notice the shifting was off by much and overshifted the chain into the space between the cassette and disc.
I don't think a single one of my bikes has one but people who don't ride a lot, understand how well their shifting should work and aren't big on having their bikes regularly looked at should have them.

OP, I hate to agree with some of the posters here but virtually all of this stuff is useless. My wife loves to ride; road, cross, mtb, and track and we and our kids ride 4-5 times per week. She knows a little about different parts and brands and knows how she wants her things to be. Yet the other day when we discovered that my middle kid couldn't shift his road bike since the shifting was too stiff and hard for an 8yo I told her I knew how to solve the problem. Her response was that she didn't want to know how, or what I was getting or using, or even what it costs (I love this attitude) just deal with it.
Your sister wants a bike, she doesn't want the details or nuance, she probably just wants to know where and on what to plunk the card down on. Find out where she plans to ride, how far and how fast and try to talk her into one better then she claiming she wants/needs. If its just general riding around the neighborhood a basic hybrid is the bike, try to get one a little more better.
If she hasn't ridden in a while or doesn't plan to be serous but will ride a bunch of different places go 1x. People who just want to get out and ride don't want to think about shifting and don't often grasp the concepts of gearing. 1x is simple, 1 lever makes it easier to pedal, the other makes it faster; people understand this.
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Old 11-17-20, 11:06 PM
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Most of it is just opinion, not facts.

People that care about frame material or brakes have their own opinion anyway. The rest don't care.

And the advice on gravel bikes or hybrid is meaningless. If she wants a flat or drop bar is a huge difference and she should narrow down that first. It is literally the road/mtb divide that determines much about frame, drivetrains and brake options. And you narrowed it down to both halves.
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Old 11-18-20, 07:05 AM
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I'd tell her that no matter what bike she ends up considering make sure it fits. Tattoo that in your brain....make sure it fits.
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Old 11-18-20, 07:17 AM
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The best sister moment I've ever had with bicycles was when I explained how my sister could use the gears on the 1990s Trek hybrid gifted to her to replace her 1970s Raleigh 3-speed. Complaining that the shifting was too complicated, she needed encouragement, so I told her,

"Only use the left shifter. There, now you have a 3-speed just like your Raleigh."

The light bulb came on for her. She was thrilled to have a 3-speed again. Such are bikes...
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Old 11-18-20, 04:59 PM
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Five things:
First, a bike that speaks to her.
The bike she wants to be seen arriving on.
That first bike will teach her what she wants in material, geometry, components, etc.
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Old 11-18-20, 05:31 PM
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If money doesn't matter, get her to buy a belt driven Rohloff or Pinion on a frame designed for it and give her hydraulic disc brakes, as well as make sure the frame can take a little abuse and won't rust (so, no CF and no steel. Alu or Ti instead).

I say that, because if you think she needs that sort of guide, chances are she wouldn't know how to maintain or adjust a bike, and this way, you will have to do much less for her in the long run and she won't have a lot of problems that needs to be dealt with before using the bike.

I guess you could go cheaper by giving her a (belt-driven) hub from Shimano or Sturmey Archer or something which would be fine. But I think that less maintenance with an IGH (or Pinion) is a good thing - especially for someone who doesn't know that much about bikes.
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Old 11-18-20, 10:16 PM
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Let me say it again for the 10x time.

Everything on that list isn't necessarily wrong, but you missed the most important bit.

How well does the bike fit you?
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