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02Giant 12-14-20 08:52 PM

Latest Bike Build
This is the latest build I've done. I acquired the bits over the summer and assembled it for my daughter. It is intended as a multi-purpose bike, a bit of commuting, some trails, some bikepacking, and what ever else she wants to throw at it. 2020 Surly Bridge Club, XT M8000 w/8020 4 piston calipers/180 mm discs, Ritchey Comp bars/stem/seatpost/headset, 27.5 Stans Crest MK3 rims w/XT hubs, and Surly Extraterrestrail tires. Eventually it will be fitted with fenders and a rack system of some sort.

pilep 12-14-20 08:55 PM

Well done, très beau!!

Wileyrat 12-15-20 05:56 PM

Nice ride!

Bigbus 12-15-20 06:02 PM

That thing just looks like fun!
Oh, to be a kid again... You aren't looking to adopt an old man by chance? haha

02Giant 12-16-20 01:14 PM

Thanks for the positive comments!

7up 12-17-20 09:58 PM

Very nice build.Your daughter I believe will enjoy it.

MNHarv 12-18-20 09:50 PM

Great job!

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