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Yearly cycling expenditures

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Yearly cycling expenditures

Old 01-09-21, 10:21 AM
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Yearly cycling expenditures

Just out of curiosity, how much money do you guys on average spend on a yearly basis on cycling?

Not counting the actual purchase of a bike itself if you happen to have bought one recently, but everything around it:
  • Parts: wheels, handlebars, saddles, other components that you replace
  • Clothing: specifically for biking
  • Electronics: bike computers, sensors, bike lights, sports watches
  • Maintenance: tools and cleaning products.
  • Indoor trainers
  • Etc.
Still kind of new to this sport and I notice that my expenditures on cycling never really seem to stop... there is just so many interesting stuff out there that can make a bike ride even more fun.
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Old 01-09-21, 11:20 AM
Milton Keynes
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Not really much. Pre-Covid it was usually meals at diners & restaurants we rode to, and a box of Clif bars and a can of Gatorade powder. Whatever minor maintenance my bike needs I'll do myself, but might have to buy a new patch kit or new tubes here or there.
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Old 01-09-21, 11:46 AM
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Expenses are often a function of how much one rides (mileage) and how many bikes the mileage is spread over. Another factor is how much preventive maintenance one performs and how many repairs are needed for flats, breakage, etc. and whether you DIY or use your LBS. Finally, the age and quality of the bike must be considered. Higher quality bicycles have more expensive components that will cost more to replace. Annual costs will vary considerably based on these factors. As far as accessories, apparel and gadgets the sky is the limit. I'm cheap and I don't ride but once or twice a week. I probably spend about $300 per year for parts, accessories, repair, maintenance and apparel with all bike work DIY by me. This is spread over my road bike, mountain bike and hybrid bicycles which see relatively light usage say 2,000 miles per for all 3 bikes with most mileage on my road bike, then mountain then hybrid which is rarely used. The bikes are all several years old but I give them regular preventative maintenance.
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Old 01-09-21, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Milton Keynes View Post
Not really much. Pre-Covid it was usually meals at diners & restaurants we rode to, and a box of Clif bars and a can of Gatorade powder. Whatever minor maintenance my bike needs I'll do myself, but might have to buy a new patch kit or new tubes here or there.
Pretty much the same here, though I do usually buy a new set of rubber for the tourer/commuter every spring. Canít remember the last time I had to buy a tube. I also have some touring-specific expenses like White Gas. And because I ride that bike in a very urban environment a lot and thus have lights and stop signs every few hundred feet, I usually get new brake pads every year.
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Old 01-09-21, 01:02 PM
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I've never given it a single thought.

Cycling is just what I do, it's part of who I am.
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Old 01-09-21, 01:10 PM
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As little as I can
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Old 01-09-21, 03:16 PM
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I've never thought to keep up with it. Whatever, probably more in the beer range than Champagne.
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Old 01-09-21, 04:08 PM
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The past few years I have been spending a lot of dollars on all kinds of bike related stuff. I started working on my bikes, so, I purchased quite a few tools. My number of bikes went up to 8. I got a more extensive selection of better quality cycling apparel and replaced a good number of components on some of my bikes. This past spring I got stocked on the consumables, like tires and cables. I started going through last years expenditures and stopped when the figure started getting considerably higher than I realized.

This year, I am going to cut back as much as I can, which should not be hard, as I really do not need anything. I know things will unexpectedly come up and that is not a problem. I do not have a figure for the last 3 to 4 years, but it is thousands of dollars. Bikes are my biggest pleasure, so all is good.
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Old 01-09-21, 05:48 PM
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This year my expenditures have been close to zero, just tubes and tires. I'm in the mode of "tinker less, ride more." I did order one new handlebar. Life is too short for uncomfortable bars.
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Old 01-09-21, 06:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Koyote View Post
I've never given it a single thought.

Cycling is just what I do, it's part of who I am.
I'm coming back to this thread after thinking about it while out riding.

It's kind of a nonsense question, since everyone is different: different incomes, different life situations, different goals, etc. These "how much do you spend" threads often seem to come from people who are looking for justification for their own purchases -- and the reality is that your situation is YOUR situation, and no one else's.

Example: When I was in a demanding job, and saving for my daughter's college education, I spent far less time cycling, and spent far less money on it. Now that I am older, semi-retired, and my kid is a college grad, I spend far more on it -- bikes, parts, clothing, race fees, etc.

There's no right or wrong answer.
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Old 01-09-21, 06:20 PM
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Let's see here.

For my primary bike (34 year old '86 Miyata 710), I used one of my new 'spare' tires and tube I had laying around when I hit some road debris, but I bought two tires and five short valve stem Presta tubes <$80 to put back into my stock of spares... Even before that, I had a problem with brakes pulsing when applied, and when changing the front tire, I had found circumferential cracks in the bike's original front wheel, so a new-to-me (used, but a nice upgrade) wheelset purchased. $200. Oh, the 'new' rear wheel got a used 6-speed 13-21t freewheel from my parts bin... The perfectly serviceable old rear wheel goes into my parts bin (with the 13-26t six-speed freewheel on it - I never used the 26t cog, so why not go more flat-lander in my gearing for more gears in the range I actually use?) I think I may have bought 2-3 more hi-vis wicking T-shirts that I wear when I commute by bike. < maybe > $25?

No new tools, lights, trainers, or electronics bought this year...

I DID buy a used touring bike for my niece (52cm '88 Miyata 615), and parts/consumables to make it how she'd like it. $150 for the bike, another $100 for new cables, saddle, and replacement brake levers... But those shouldn't count as cycling MY expenses...
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Plus or minus a few others from time-to-time

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Old 01-09-21, 06:36 PM
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Tires/tubes/chain/chemicals so i'd expect maybe $300/yr.

Clothing is an investment, this year I must of spent $500 so i'm not washing stuff everyday. I've bought nothing in the past 2 years.
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Old 01-09-21, 06:48 PM
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tires, tubes, tune ups, batteries
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Ebay bike, new wheelset, new crankset, tires, tubes, saddles, new stem, brake pads, new handlebar tape (2), Bibshorts, jerseys, socks. . .
Maybe $2K this year but I'm set for a few years except for consumables so that will go down to about $300 in 2021.
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Old 01-09-21, 08:53 PM
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As much as I can.....
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not much, maybe less than 150.00
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Originally Posted by AEO View Post
you should learn to embrace change, and mock it's failings every step of the way.

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In terms of maintenance, my only expense so far are the tires. Rode 5000 miles last year and the tires are the only items that wore down (even if I include all my cycling gear and clothes). That's under $100.

Pretty amazing considering my bike is dirt cheap, walmart-level bike. Me weighing only 124 lbs probably helped a lot.

I never make coffee / fast food stops even during long rides which considerably reduce riding expenses. Only once I had to make a fast food stop when I did my first near-century and underestimated the food supply I brought with me.

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Usually just consumables -- tires, tubes, chains, etc. Maybe $100-200 a year, including a few low priced items like saddle bags.

But in 2020 I spent a little more to build up some frames and revamp some bikes to make them suit me better. Between injuries and age my I'm more picky about bike fit now. Probably closer to $400-500 throughout the year, between a few jerseys, stems of various lengths from 80-110mm, bar wrap, used classic components (mostly older 8- and 10-speed Dura Ace and Ultegra, enough to redo three complete bikes), better tires and latex tubes for a couple of road bikes, new cables/housings, etc. I also bought stuff for future use, such as a few UN55 bottom brackets when REI was blowing 'em out for around $8 (apparently Shimano was discontinuing those) so those will be handy for some older bikes eventually. Just a little here and there, and I always try to buy discounted and discontinued new/old stock apparel, but over the year it added up.

I expect to spend less in 2021 since those components will last for years. If I could go the year with buying only tubes and tires, that'll be fine with me. I might need a 10-speed integrated brake/shifter/brifter, but no hurry, I can wait until they're back in stock and the prices are reasonable. MicroShift brifters are decent buys but very hard to find throughout 2020.
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In Australia, I spend little on bikes. I mostly rescue bikes from the trash. If you rescue enough, you have enough spare parts. I have picked up bikes or wheels for the tires. I may occasionally buy something a like puncture repair kit, and accessories on Ebay such a lights, horn and tools. But over all I spend very little.

In S E Asia, I have replaced tires and tubes, brakes and calipers, and chain and freewheel. I have had a stand made. With the cheap prices in S E Asia, it might average $50 per year.

However, if you ride significant distances you need drinks. I drink some water, and some other drinks. I might spend $5 per day on drinks. If you multiply that by 300 days a year, that is $1500 per year on drinks. When I am working, I might only ride twice a week, so I might spend $500 a year on drinks.
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After the bike is bought, very little. Maybe a few dollars on tubes and tires mainly, and a few more on a chain according to miles ridden.
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Varies. One year I bought 2 light sets, 2 go pros, 10 jerseys, 2 helmets, a Garmin, and more. Then the next year I bought maybe one light.
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Originally Posted by alo View Post
However, if you ride significant distances you need drinks. I drink some water, and some other drinks. I might spend $5 per day on drinks. If you multiply that by 300 days a year, that is $1500 per year on drinks. When I am working, I might only ride twice a week, so I might spend $500 a year on drinks.
This sounds absurd to me. On the vast majority of my rides, basically anything up to the 60-70 mile range, I drink water from home. For the top end of that range, I'll drink a glass before leaving and carry two bottles. I might have a Nuun tab in one of them. For the 8-10 rides per year in the 80+ mile region, yeah, I'll supplement the water/Nuun from home with a water and Gatorade at a convenience stop.
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I think I know nothing.
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2020 i spent a lot on tools, parts and consumables. Still a few things I want for the bunker but overall for now I'm good.

I also purchased a lot of accessories. In addition, my wife gave me a Garmin Edge 530 last Christmas but I added Vector 3 powder meter pedals last fall. My Daughter gave me a set of Conti Gatorskins this Christmas, a Park bike stand last Christmas. I have been gifted 3 pairs of PA shorts in the last year. I have a lot of stuff for a relative beginner but I have just about everything I will ever need short of a new bike n+1.
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$200-400 per year?
It varies depending on year and I dont track. Probably on the low end of that range, but people tend to underestimate hobby costs...
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I bought a lightly used 2013 Specialized Tarmac Elite in July. Put new tires/tubes and tune upon the 1985 Diamondback Ascent in March New cables, brake levers, handlebar tape, touch up paint, bearing repack, decals, front derailleur etc. on 1989 Specialized Rock Combo. So probably around $1500. I expect that to be considerably less in 2021 as everything is fresh and ready to go.
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