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Anthonypedals 02-21-21 04:18 PM

Old Peugeot, modern gear
Hi All, this is my first post so be gentle please.

I have what I think is an 87 Peugeot 12 vitesses frame on which there is absolutely no gear. I've spent a long time on the various threads and I think its 87 because of the number stamped on the frame (Y711).

My question is simple. Will it take a modern groupset? Everything I've read seems to indicate Peugeot changed from French to English threads etc in early 1980. So am I in luck? Will the almost new gear I've got fit ok? I've already expanded the rear of the frame to 130mm.


cxwrench 02-21-21 07:55 PM

It should work if the bb shell is indeed English.

JohnDThompson 02-22-21 06:51 AM

Even if the shell is metric thread (French or Swiss), you could make it work with a Phil cartridge and proper mounting rings, or a threadless cartridge. It's mostly a matter of how much money and effort you're willing to spend to make it happen.

Ed Wiser 02-22-21 10:46 AM

My 1986 Peugeot PGN 10 has Swiss threading. It would take a good bike shop to determine it.

ExPatTyke 02-24-21 02:25 PM

This is my Premiére - it's a 1986 bike. Bottom bracket and headset are British threaded, and I've expanded the rear dropouts to 130mm.

It's fitted with a Chorus chainset, Tiagra 9 speed brifters, and 105 derailleurs now - a purist's nightmare but a very nice bike to ride

friday1970 02-25-21 05:08 PM

Both 1985 PGN10's I've owned over the years both had British threading. At one time, my first PGN10 has modern components, such as Microshfft Arsis groupset, Shimano 105 crankset, and a decent wheelset after cold setting the rear.

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