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Ideal cycling temperature

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Ideal cycling temperature

Old 03-10-21, 01:58 PM
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Old 03-10-21, 04:39 PM
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Above 32 F and below 85 F, with 65 F being the sweet spot. And no wind, thankyouverymuch.
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Old 03-11-21, 01:21 PM
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This was at the end of a 42 mile ride:

summer 2015
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Old 03-11-21, 01:43 PM
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0-4 - 32-39 F
i hate summer
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Old 03-11-21, 03:43 PM
Im a little Surly
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Ideal is high 40's to mid 50's but I really don't let the temp stop me
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Old 03-11-21, 03:51 PM
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i can't help not notice that when the temps are cooler to cold [45F & dropping] that after an intense ride the bowels will need to a cycle. Warmer temps don't move me like that. Doesn't matter the types of food or hydration nor how much.
Figured I needed to get that load of information off my mind.
-Oh Hey!
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Old 03-11-21, 03:56 PM
Milton Keynes
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About 70 degrees F, partly cloudy, and wind at my back no matter what direction I'm headed.
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Old 03-11-21, 04:31 PM
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Originally Posted by skidder
Aren't you forgetting the beer? Can't eat tacos without a good cerveza!
I am not a beer drinker personally and just don't care for the taste (which is sad because there are a lot of great beers that sound really good that just have a flavor I can't get down with) Whisky or whiskey is my go to spirit or anything tropical or maybe on the sweeter side or a good hard cider is always nice. I will also take rum and probably some good tequila as well.
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Old 03-11-21, 05:01 PM
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A frozen ice tea with a few extra slices of lemon after a hot sweaty ride & the brain freeze is going to happen. Can a brain freeze really happen if the brain is not there? AFAF...
-Oh Hey!
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Old 03-11-21, 05:30 PM
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Ideal temperature for a bike ride is a chimera that we all chase. I just got back from my first road ride this year. Temperature at the start: 9 C and sunny. A bit cool to start but I was quickly warmed up. Cool at times because spring rides here can have 5-10 degree temperature swings depending how much sunlight a particular section of road has had. Overall: perfect. Two days ago I did a local mountain bike ride near my place. I was able to ride there on the road from my home. Temperature at the start: -6 C and sunny. The trails where we ride are hard packed snow, but getting a bit icy from cold nights and sunny days recently. I was underdressed at the start and overdressed towards the end of the ride, but overall I hit a good balance as far as comfort went. In the summer, I think that 25 C is the perfect riding temperature. For a mid winter snow ride, -10 C provides nice dry grippy snow and fast trails. There is no single perfect riding temperature
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Old 03-12-21, 06:49 AM
Sy Reene
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Originally Posted by UCantTouchThis
+1....It will take me about 15 years or more to consume the amount of 1 can of beer, or longer, maybe 20. Just can't deal with the taste. Beer? Ew!

Now a bottle of Ice flavored water is good. But even that I drink maybe 10 bottles every 6 months. Too much like soda and I don't drink soda either. I drink iced tea but pretty much because it's something that I can deal with, but not actually good. I'm starting to think I don't like anything. Pretty much, always water and an iced tea when I eat dinner.

But I love tacos, good ones!
Just for you, maybe the one beer you might like. Pretty much, if there's a flavor you like, someone has tried making a beer to match

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Old 03-12-21, 07:16 AM
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53-78 degrees and a cup of black coffee after the ride
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Old 03-14-21, 03:55 PM
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wind is more of an influence for me deciding to ride or not
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Old 03-14-21, 05:18 PM
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60˚ if it's sunny and 65˚ if it's cloudy.
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Old 03-14-21, 05:20 PM
On Your Left
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Originally Posted by coffeesnob
wind is more of an influence for me deciding to ride or not
I'd trade 10* for 10mph less wind.. .any day.

Yesterday it was in the high 40's with a 18mph wind that never relented. And it seemed to switch direction just as I started to head home.
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Old 03-14-21, 10:37 PM
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La Jolla / San Diego CA has the ideal cycling temperature on all of the 365 days of each and every year!

This great land of the United States of America has many nice areas where the climate allows for 12 months of enjoyment outdoors.

I rode 45 miles and also played 36 holes in Augusta at near 80F weather this weekend. At my age, being able to break 80 from the back tees, playing it down, putting out all putts and playing by the rules, is more a testament to staying physically fit, and being active outdoors as much as possible. I ride my bikes, but I do not ride the EZ-GOs & CLUB CARs, meaning that I walk it, unless I'm playing in some Charity Tournament or other event with hacks who aren't any good. I am retired.
I prefer the hot & humid South Carolina coast in Summer and the Lake Murray waterfront lake house for Winter, Spring, Fall and some Summer fishing, boating, kayaking, and sailing. I'm just saying that weather and location that pleases both you and your spouse is in my opinion, extremely important once you can control that factor during your working life, and it is even more important once you retire. I really don't know how those of you in areas where you have real Winter, deal with the very long cold winters. Hey, I shot a 75 with three birdies this afternoon after posting a 79 in the earlier round. Some of you above the Mason-Dixon line do not see almost any warm sunny days between just before Thanksgiving and May 1st.
The West coast is nice, but California isn't as attractive as other locations in my opinion. The Atlantic Ocean is significantly warmer than the Pacific Ocean, and I like to get out in the water. Minnesota, Wisconsin, upstate New York, and the New England area are beautiful in the summertime. They are absolutely fantastic places to visit in the Summer. I love visiting Canada in the summertime too as it is beautiful and a heck of a lot of fun.
I am simply saying that this is what works for us. Others will have widely differing opinions as what is right for someone else might not be suitable for them.
It basically comes down to the important things: family, quality of life, and the ongoing pursuit of fun & happy times as the sand moves through the hourglass....these are the Days of Our Lives..................................................keep going, stay in shape, get outside and just get going...................adventure before dementia, the older that you get, the more important it is that you do not act your age. Have fun. Two ancient hit songs are good reminders, one from Rare Earth and the other from Terry Jacks. Make the most of your seasons in the sun and have a ball and celebrate another great day to get outdoors....
You cannot control the weather. You must just deal with it, in the best way that you can....................or if your circumstances allow for it, as Sheryl Crow sings, A Change Might Do You Good!
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Old 03-15-21, 07:32 AM
Vismund B
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Id say between 55 - 70 is comfortable.

This morning felt like 10 🥶

Thats good though, as it means much much less people out and about 🙃
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Old 03-15-21, 11:40 AM
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I live in Michigan so its anything from the roads are clear of snow and ice upwards. I just dress appropriately.
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Old 03-15-21, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by ooga-booga
ummm...dunno who's actually doing big cat 2, cat 1 or hc climbs during the worst heat of the day but it's not recommended.
doing those climbs earlier or later in the day on a hot day-okay.
the descents under those conditions are bad enuff...it's like having a giant hair-dryer pointed right at you the entire time once you get above 92 or so degrees.
We get some days high into the 100s in the Central Valley towards Sacramento; riding on the flat in that is like the moment when you open the oven, only you don't get the smell of dinner cooking, and it goes on and on for the whole length of your ride.

I've gone climbing in the mid-high 90s, but usually sticking to routes with a bit of shade.
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Old 03-15-21, 10:00 PM
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For me, the best cycling temps are between 72-86F (22-30C) and no wind. During the "winter" I head out around 7:00am when it gets light out and the temps are usually between 74-78F (24-26C). By the time I get back home it will be around 79-83F (27-28C). I don't really like riding when it's cooler than 60F (16C) although I have been out about four times this months already in temps below that. Have done a lot of rides when it's over 90F (32C) which is ok if the sun isn't too strong.
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Old 03-16-21, 10:53 AM
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From a performance point of view, anything above 55F is good for me based on the commuting time vs temperature plot below where the knee in the curve seems to be about 55F, but in terms of comfort and because I like to be quite warm, anything above 70F is happier for me. Rain makes everything miserable while wind is merely annoying.

Longbikes Slipstream
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Temp for riding

I've ridden from -5 F to high temps that cause leaves on trees to crisp up and fall off, 105+. But for more comfortable training rides I prefer mid 60s to low 70s. That way the start of the ride isn't uncomfortably cool, no layers that need to be peeled off. I ride comfortably into the 80s because I have a wind drying my sweat all the time I'm moving. I prefer the heat to the cool.
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Old 03-16-21, 05:51 PM
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Last edited by tankist; 03-17-21 at 01:11 PM. Reason: Fix case
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I seem to ride better when temps are upper 80s and above. I have never not gone for a ride because of high temps but I have for cold temps.
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